Lush Braids by B: A New Afro Hair Braiding Service Based In Paris

‘Lush Braids by B’ offers an afro hair braiding service based in Paris, serving the entirety of the Île-de-France region. They pride themselves on providing the finest work with a personalised approach and specialise in a wide range of braiding techniques, which include, box braids, Fulani braids, crochet braids and extensions, twists, cornrows and any other braiding styles requested on demand. “To have us at your doorstep, all a customer has to do is book an appointment indicating the desired hairstyle and voilà, we come to your home and make your hair lush”.

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Lush Braids by B was officially launched in October 2017 and was founded by Barbara (Babz as she is fondly called).

Born in Nigeria, Babz was surrounded by many family members that wore their hair in different styles. She marvelled at the luxurious nature of black hair and was enthralled by all the diverse ways black hair could be worn. Just like every other young black girl, she spent hours getting her hair combed, braided and styled. At the age of 10, Babz was sent to work in a hair braiding salon by her mother to learn how to braid. Babz was told by her mother that she would oversee taking care of her younger sister’s hair when her family finally migrates to England. While growing up in England in the following years, Babz would go on to not only regularly braid her sister’s hair, but also that of her friends and other family members. She would always receive praise on her braiding quality and creativity. She never gave up an opportunity to braid hair, even if it was for someone she just met! While studying in France, Babz also carried on braiding for friends and their family members.  After realising the potential she had, the 24 year old British-Nigerian decided to turn braiding into a business. Babz has been living in Paris since 2016, where she launched ‘Lush Braids by B’ from her apartment.    

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Mission and Vison

Our mission at Lush Braids is to make every hair dressing experience a comfortable and enjoyable one. Customers that get their hair braided regularly are no stranger to how stressful and sometimes, painful the whole ordeal can be.  In fact, many people dread going to the hairdressers to sit down for long hours to get a new hairstyle. With our services at Lush Braids, every customer is treated like a queen or king. We make the whole hair dressing process a relaxed and painless experience. As professionals, we come fully equipped to every appointment and remain flexible to adapt to individual needs of each customer. This may include simple requests such as making a braid less tight or using a different type of comb or styling product. Overall, our vision is to make our services available in more regions within France, and eventually globally.

What can we expect in the future?

Last summer, we collaborated with Waïa, a French online magazine, by providing afro hairstyling services for their campaign launch. In 2019, we aim to carry on building our braiding company by collaborating with more magazines and brands who are looking for afro hairstylists for their photoshoots and campaigns. Additionally, in the future we intend to offer our services on music videos and film sets. We might even be the next upcoming hairdresser for your favourite celebrity or social media influencer!

In a few years, we hope to open a ‘Lush Braids by B’ beauty salon, where we can receive walk-in appointments for all hair and beauty needs.   

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We are open to collaboration opportunities from magazines, brands, musicians, and social media influencers.

We are also looking for afro hair stylists, based in Paris and its surrounding regions, who are interested in joining our team.

All enquiries and appointment bookings can be addressed to:


Social media: @LushBraidsByB