The Rebound: Taking Place April 27th

The Rebound Poster.jpg

In his own words founder, Nigel Korley-Simon describes The Rebound and the inspiration behind it:

On the surface, the event is my journey changing my life and finding my way back to my passion. The event is also about connecting, interacting and supporting creatives, appreciating a collective over an individual. The acts are all people that have been involved in this journey. 

What inspired this event is although my story is sad, it is not unique the struggle is very real and not just for creatives. For me to stand alone and present myself, sure it would be a massive ego boost, but I don't see how that serves the bigger narrative of embracing our passions.  Now if I stand with a group of diverse creatives at different stages of their careers, we are on less of a pedestal and more accessible, hopefully doing the same in the creative world terms of asking for advice and more. 

The event takes place on the 27th of April 2019
6 -10:30pm
91 Peckham High Street
SE15 5RS 
Tickets can be purchased here

Johnny Mensah, a rap artist  with soulful vibes
Aneesa' Marie, a powerful singer who you can feel her genuineness through her vocals
Two people new to performing spoken word, Shamara Roper, and Aedenya Knight

Armani Soul, a hidden gem of a singer would be an understatement
The Beaded Poet with a long career in the game
Solaariss, a saxophonist who can change a room in a second 
Just Kemi, a violinist who can win you over with just her energy alone

Founder, Nigel Korley-Simon hopes to “put on more shows in the same vein, searching and enjoying up-and-coming talent plus providing a space to communicate and share experiences. Personally, I also see myself in solo and joint exhibitions for the future”.