Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Review


The Best Spider-Man Movie: Why We Need a Live-Action Miles Morales Origin Story

(This Review Contains Spoilers)

Spider-man into the Spider-verse organically introduces typical comic tropes into the medium of film. This allows the piece to thrive in its ambitious goal to dishevel the barrier between the magic of comic book pages and the art of cinematic entertainment. It simplifies the rather complex idea of alternate realities and presents it in a thoroughly comprehendible manner while allowing the audience to resonate with the stories of each of the alternate wielders of the title ‘Spider-Man’.

From the colour palette to the soundtrack, Spider-Verse will leave comic book readers in awe as it serves as an experience on what life would be like on a page. Spider-Man Noir even recognises the scope of storytelling this origin story presents. The movie pays homage to iconic moments from across the series while creating new ones filled with tear-jerking nostalgia as it reminds us that we’ve been here before. It was refreshing to be able to develop a feeling toward so many characters however this results in the movie having to take away vital moments that I would be more than eager to see in a Live-Action adaptation of Miles Morales’ Origin Story.

For Example, the Movie Doesn’t Give Miles Time to Mourn. The reason why I found this rather compelling is that Spider-Verse made me totally forget that someone had to die. The achievement of making me fall for the relationship between Miles and his Uncle almost eroded away as seconds after the death of Arron Davis also known as Prowler, Miles is seen swinging back into action. This made me feel like the movie robbed Miles of That Moment. I think l mourned his death way more than our main protagonist did.

That being said it totally made up for it presenting the most artistic form of Web Slinging the silver screen has ever seen. Miles. Looked. Dope.

(People Cheered.)

I did too*

Miles went from 60-100 instantly. (Because let’s be honest, he was never a 0)

Because of the movies’ catalogue of Spiders, we don’t see Miles train as much however, I’m good with that as it only means it can be saved for the Live-Action Origin Story that needs to be made. As an audience member I developed a thirst to know more about not only Miles but his family, his social life and most of all his universe. That’s what the movie set out to do and all I can say is ‘Y’all Won’. They did all of that and still managed to include a romantic aspect to the story.


As an actor, artist & musician I’d just like to say whoever plays the Live-Action Miles Morales is a real lucky guy.