Nipsey Hussle: The Last Track That Highlighted His Legacy

We have been blessed with incredible music over the years by so many artists, and a few days ago we were fortunate to have a project released by a daring and established record producer. On the 17th May, DJ Khaled showed the world his diversified album “The Father of Asahd”, which features various musical genres and talent such as John Legend, Beyonce, Meek Mill, Buju Banton, Cardi B and more.

The music video was filmed days before Hussle’s tragic and untimely death, where he reflected on his family, neighbourhood and life before and after fame. Before the late-Crenshaw rappers’ demise, “Higher” was scheduled to be the promotional single for DJ Khaled’s album.

In a Billboard interview, Khaled reflected on his memorable moments with Nipsey, explaining how he showed him the beat, left him for a little while to think, and came back to see him writing bars for the track. “So I play him the beat, and we just vibe. I'm vibing, and I see him thinking, right? I'm like, 'Yo, this special. This that big boy rap, this special. I told him I want to put a big boy singer on the hook. So I gave him his space, walked out. Came back in, he's writing.”


“Higher” symbolises life, tenacity and community. It’s reflected throughout, shown through consistent imagery and in the gospel that you hear loop in and out of the melody. Nipsey wears nothing but the symbolic crip-blue clothing, neat hair and his signature beard. He speaks on family themes, his past, recovered trauma, his children and love of his life, Lauren London. 

It illustrates John Legend singing with the piano for the whole duration, apart from where himself, DJ Khaled and Nipsey stand up and stare at the blue sky at the end of the music video. The fact that DJ Khaled hardly took over any lyrical content in this song is very special. He gave Hussle the moment he needed to validate his life and how much change has, and needs to be done. “South Central state of mind, high crime rate, homicide, hate, gang banging'll get you all day.. and look at my fate”. 

His last message leaves goosebumps on millions of people who listen, as the late rapper leaves us all with the cold reminder of what scarred the rap game forever.

DJ Khaled is in the works to donate all of the proceeds from this single to Nipsey’s children.

Long Live Nipsey Hussle, The Great.