KarimThaPeasant Is An Artist In His Own Lane


20 year old KarimThaPeasant is not your typical East Londoner. This hyperactive up-coming artist exemplifies the new wave of underground UK rappers. Dripping in his own unique style and fashion, radiating an infectious charisma, and crafting an array of ambitious yet mesmerizing tunes; his journey has not been easy but it is bearing fruit.

Since a first album debut back in 2016, shortly after A Levels, KTP (formally known as Karim Benotmane) has aspired towards revolutionizing the face of British rap, introducing an intoxicating blend of dark emo-esque, jazzy, lo-fi, up-tempo and original beats and flows to a scene currently conquered by Afro-swing, dancehall, drill, and of course, a long tradition of grime and UK rap.

Unbothered by this or rather, excited by the challenge, KTP has proven open to absorbing the best aspects of all genres and much like the American artists, Lil Uzi Vert, the late XXXTentacion, Post Malone and, also late, Lil Peep, has proven willing to tread the dark emotional path in songs like Really Real while switching it up for confident braggadocio on newly-dropped Legacy. But unfettered by any particular “genre” and endorsed by artists such as IAMDDB, Joy Crookes and renowned producer Cassell The Beatmaker, it is clear that his popularity can only increase.

Having taken a sort of-hiatus over early 2018 to focus on his artistry, ‘Flare’ brand and work on up-coming Unstable EP – he spontaneously dropped the song and visuals to Really Real in September. With an underrated music video that left me feeling like I was waved in the middle of the littest (is that a word?) underground rave; the track covers KTP’s transition to fame, his relationships and the reaction of the unlucky fellows that had been sleeping on him. Time is money and Karim has no time to waste on unserious people, thus “Baby my time ain’t cheap.” In a similar vein, he envisages the confusion and awe of onlookers as he walks in the club. “I hear who’s he? KTP KTP!” Upon release, this track took his Spotify followers from roughly 400 on 14 September to a stunning 14k now.

Legacy, dropped on Friday is KTP’s latest release. On top of a beat that combines trap drums with what could well be a xylophone, he raps about his “morals, heart, and backbone”. Not the usual hyper-masculine boast, but with “whiskey on the table, man, I feel like Scarface” his mogul ambitions are evident. Accompanied by minimalist visuals of his lone presence down some Barking road, the message is clear. KTP is an artist in his own lane.

Watch the Legacy music video here:

Watch the “Really Real” music video here: