Introducing ‘Cold Drinks & Conversations’: A New Podcast Featuring 3 Unique Characters From London


‘Cold Drinks & Conversations’ is a fortnightly podcast hosted by Toren, Ray and Sillah who are young black men in their early 20s from the inner city of London. Toren is an entrepreneur, Ray is a rapper and Sillah is an artist manager.

Their opinions come into play as they gather, share a bottle of their preferred beverage and discuss various subjects ranging from socially conscious topics to everyday life situations and banter - the latter being the sole reason why the podcast is painfully funny and entertaining.

We caught up with the ‘Cold Drinks & Conversations’ cast:

Who is your target audience?

“‘Cold Drinks & Conversations’ is aimed at young people between the ages of 16-25, mainly growing up in inner city areas and thus can relate to and share similar experiences to all three podcast members. We started the podcast in June this year with the aim of being able to capture the everyday life, mainly of young black adults and have conversations around topics that either are not discussed amongst mainstream platforms or of interest but which discussion is not often held on. Each week one of the members chooses what is to be discussed ranging from should London be a 24/7 city to topics such as Black Generational Wealth”.

Which would you say is your best episode so far?

“Regarding the best episode so far, based on our feedback many listeners would regard episode three, where we brought on our guest Joyce to discuss interracial relationships and single vs two-parent households as our best episode yet. However having recently dropped episode 10, many of our listeners have claimed it is the funniest as well as best one yet, this could be due to the fact that it is the first episode that we have provided visuals for”.

Check out the ‘Cold Drinks & Conversations’ podcast here:

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