From Youtube to TV! Influencer, Mimi Missfit Talks All Things Sex in Her Latest Docuseries ‘Mimi on a Mission’

Mimi on a mission presented by Youtube star, Mimi Missfit, follows a group of 15 year olds as they travel to Holland to find out how the Dutch talk about sex and everything related to it, from their own bodies to falling in love and keeping safe online.


We caught up with Mimi to get her views on why this was such an important project for her!

So, tell us what the show’s about?

The show is about sex education, we’re basically breaking the barriers and talking about issues people normally shy away from so relationships, puberty, body image and sex basically.

You started off as content creator with YouTube, what interested you about TV?

Do you know what, it was kind of an opportunity that came to me and at first, I was like, this is something very different to me of course, to what I do. I normally do makeup and dab into hair. Seeing how the topic needed to be addressed and it’s not something I grew up with. Me personally, sex education is something I missed. So, I went to a primary school in one borough and switched primary schools to another borough, and in this primary school they learnt it in that year and the other one that year. So, I completely missed sex education!

Was it difficult for you?

At first, it was scary I didn’t have any information on this topic it’s kind of foreign to me and I wanted to learn as much as I could. Had all this information on documentaries I could watch, and one of my producers on the show was like ‘you don’t need to do any of that Mimi we want you to be you’ the whole point is to show that a lot of people don’t know too much about it and that’s the bit that scared me.

Was there any input on your side in terms of content in the show?

Each episode, we kind of catered it to each teen, and we had certain topics we wanted to hit whether it was social media, body positivity, relationships. I remember with the social media one, me being an influencer I had my hands really in that one I got the to play some games, some famous ones people do on Youtube. And then dived into the negative side of social media and how to protect yourself on social media.

Is there a big difference between Youtube and TV?

100%, it was a different world 100% I’m just normally in my bedroom it’s just me and two lights whereas here it’s a production. For me, I try not to think about it too much. As soon as I start they always want to prep me and I’m like ‘no it’s fine let’s just go’ if I start thinking about it I start stressing out. It was really easy on set and plus, the team are great a really relaxed vibe. Even though we’re talking about a topic that isn’t relaxed it really was.

This is your first bit of TV will we be seeing more of you?

Yes! By God’s grace I really like the advice aspect of it and helping with issues and so I don’t know wats next for me but they call me the ‘big sister’ on set so I just hope it’s something I can continue to help and inspire. And hopefully some more series!

‘Mimi on a Mission’ airs later on this year with lots of other multi-genre shows aimed at 12-15 year olds on BBCiPlayer .