CultureShock Launches New Urban Culture Talk Show 'MilliTalk'

What is MilliTalk ?

Millitalk is a talk show under our platform which itself is actually called CultureShock UK. MilliTalk primarily discusses topics which young people of the urban culture can relate to surrounding sports, fashion and music. As well as this, we also discuss current affairs and deeper topics such as religion, sexual topics and trends (what’s popular on twitter at the time), so we are not limited to just one topic or one audience. 

MilliTalk doesn’t really have a starting point, although we only uploaded our first video on the 17th of February, the concept itself was  something we had in mind for quite a few years. The way we present ourselves when we converse and debate in the show is not necessarily structured as the topics we discuss and the manner in which we present ourselves is how we speak in our group chat and how we speak to each other in real life, we just decided to bring it to the public eye because we felt there was a lack of entertaining yet authentic and relatable content on Youtube; particularly for people our age (18-20 years old) as starting a Youtube channel has somewhat become a trend in recent times, which people start just for the sake of views and ‘clout’. 

Can you tell us about the cast?

The three main members of this channel are Khai, Amun and myself, Samson. CultureShock UK was originally a concept drawn up between the three of us and we were going to just present shows as a trio. However, we felt that there would be more personality and more of an appeal to audiences if we got more people with different personalities involved. This is why we decided to go with the idea of a rotating cast, so whilst Khai, Amun and I will be the main three members in terms of the work behind the scenes, the cast members will be alternating, keeping the show unpredictable and thus more enjoyable. 


Who is your target audience?

As we are young black boys from South London, our content will naturally be more appealing to people from the same background as us. Younger people between the ages of 17 and 20 years old will definitely be more drawn to the show because of the way we present ourselves and the nonchalance we carry throughout the show, like there is no camera in front of us. However, we do not purposely aim the show towards certain audiences, we want all demographics to watch CultureShock UK’s content and feel as if they can respect and interact with our views without feeling discriminated against. Given the topics we speak about, everybody will have an opinion on what we say no matter what age, race, gender or ethnicity. 

What was the inspiration behind MilliTalk?

The inspiration behind starting MilliTalk actually comes from the name. MilliTalk originates from MilliTeam, which is what we as a group like to call ourselves. MilliTeam is an abbreviation of Millionaire Team, we call ourselves this because we all believe we individually have the capabilities to become millionaires, achieve our goals and live successful lives. In total, there are around 12 members of MilliTeam and we all attended the same high school, so we’ve known each other for a long time and have built a strong relationship as a collective, becoming one big family of brothers over the years. We believe that with the ambition, knowledge and drive we possess as individuals combined, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving our goals, which is why we came together as MilliTeam. MilliTalk is just a public viewing of our mindsets and opinions on certain subject matters, but given we are naturally entertaining individuals, viewers will enjoy the content we produce. 

What can we expect from you in the future?

In the near future, we will continue to produce and release content on a regular basis, covering a wide variety of topics in order to build our brand and create a fanbase. Our short term objectives are to become locally recognised and inspire people from the same environment as us that you can push your vision if you really want to, not enough people realise the only barrier to greatness is yourself. Long term, we are aiming to expand, not only as a Youtube channel but as a business that can help other youths in our position reach their potential, whether that be in sports, music or entertainment; we want more people to have better opportunities to succeed from a young age. We have a plethora of ideas in the works, but right now it is all about timing, patience and building steadily. When it is all set and done though, CultureShock UK will be remembered as much more than just a Youtube channel and MilliTalk is just the first step to success!

Check out Episode One below: