Cheryll Releases The Visuals For New Single "Need You"

West-London born musician Cheryll reveals her new single ‘Need You’ along with some fire visuals. With a highly contemporary sound ‘Need you’ is the sound of an artist articulating her emotions through immaculate instrumentation. Being heavily influenced by the likes of Ashanti, Aaliyah & Brandy and rhythm evident in her sound, Cheryll is primed to show the world what she is truly capable of.


What was the inspiration behind ‘Need You’?

I wanted to bring back that feel good music again from the 90’s R&B era and make an anthem for the ladies. I was really focused on creating a song that’s fun and cheeky about a sensitive topic so I could also empower women and make them feel as if they are the ones in control!

What can we expect from you in the future?

My aim is to be a global R&B sensation and continue releasing hits. There are a few artists I would love to feature with in the UK and infuse old school RnB with todays music that is currently charting. I also plan on releasing bigger and better visuals to keep the fans engaged and wanting more of that old school vibe.

Check out the animation skit below: