Cheryll Is Back With Her Fiery New Single "Calling You"

cheryll you.jpg

West-London born musician Cheryll is back with another hot new single “Calling You”.

Produced by the talented Ace Keyz, Cheryll said “You know what, I would love to take credit for the writing but that was Mr Ace Keyz himself. He is an incredibly talented musician who understood me and where I am trying to go musically. Calling You was the first time I had ever worked with Ace so we sat down and spoke about the type of music I wanted to create and we listened to music from my influences such as Aaliyah and brandy. Ace automatically knew the vibe I was going for and he came up with the beat for”Calling You” which Ashton Sellars (guitarist) elevated when he added the strings”.

The track is now available to stream here on all major platforms.