CEO of DASHIKI UK: Ayo Cole Reveals His Secrets to the Launch of the Brand & Kente Pride

We’ve all seen the amazing African print clothing celebrities such as Stormzy, have been rocking lately. Some could even argue its Wakandan Inspired? Ever wondered where they get them from?

CEO Of DASHIKI UK, Ayo Cole, reveals to us all the secrets to the launch of the brand and his new business venture, Kente Pride.

Launched in 2017 the black owned business excelled with the likes of Stormzy reaching out to them for a custom-made Dashiki for the Black Panther Premier.


We caught up with Ayo and he spoke on what the inspiration behind the brand was: “I have always been a businessman, my mum is a grocery store owner back home in Nigeria, as I child I grew up around business, we would sell anything, from toys during Christmas season to gift items, she is true hustler, God bless her for that. I learnt everything from her and I started my first business at the front of her shop at 17 after I graduated high school, in 2015, I started a company called @DashikiUK.”

Alongside Dashiki UK, Kente Pride was launched earlier this year. “I’ve seen Dashiki UK grow immensely and I noticed whenever I make something in kente prints it sells out very quickly, I realised there is a big market out there for kente prints and that’s how kente pride started.”

“I am very optimistic about the future, Africa is the future, the music, the clothing, the food is going to be what everyone wants in the nearest future, Kente Pride started with a bang, the designs are extraordinarily beautiful, I see the brand as the top player in the African print business very soon, people love it.”

Although, the CEO loves every piece in the collection he cannot help but have a favourite!
“My favourite piece is the Amanda Maxi Skirt, it took my seamstresses about 4 hours to make one, God bless them, the idea was to make an African clothing stretch, so they had to use a smocking thread(shirring elastic) all around the piece, it took a lot of hard work and dedication and you should see girls when they wear the skirt. ultimately beautiful!

Check out where you can purchase your own Dashiki/Kente pieces!