Casanova The Plug Releases New Video "Swing"

Earlier today, Casanova The Plug released his new music video “Swing”. The inspiration behind the track came from his 2013 hit “The Thing”. With the current sound in the UK rap music scene, Casanova has added his own unique style and stuck out with his originality.

Casanova is not your typical Londoner. This hyperactive up-coming artist exemplifies the new wave of underground UK rappers. Casanova has been making music since he was 12 years old and started to take his music career seriously at the beginning of this year when he released his first single “London”. The track currently has 21,000 views on YouTube. His EP “From South” was released back in summer and has received an impressive amount of streams.

Popcaan and Chip are among Casanova’s musical inspirations; “The different sounds Popcaan creates throughout his music keep me engaged and wanting to create my own great piece of art. I take a lot of inspiration from Chip, his use of word play is the reason I first started writing music”.

Casanova hopes to continue making an impact with his original sound; “I'm aiming to make things bigger and better. I want to bring my Fashion and Character into the UK music Scene”.

Casanova The Plug’s EP "From South" is now available to stream on all major platforms.

Watch “Swing” here:

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