Blacpire Meets Sharna Bass

I caught up with North West London singer Sharna Bass who has just released her amazing new single ‘This View.’ During the interview we talk about how it was like for her producing the track, her techniques to dealing with stress and her EP which will be debuting in a couple months! We also bonded over our love for Michelle Obama!

I think its safe to say we will be watching out for Sharna this year- that’s for sure!

By Maya Egbo

Congrats on your new single ‘This View’. How do you feel about putting it out and how’s it been received by your fans so far?

It was actually my most nerve-racking song to put out because it was the first time I was showing anyone my production.  Because I produced the whole song and I wrote it, I was a bit shy about showing anyone. Usually my songs are like my little babies, but this one is my favourite baby!

And because it was my first time producing, I was like, “I hope everyone likes the sound.” But when I put it out, everyone really liked it, so it made me more confident in producing my own beats.


How was it like producing? Was it stressful?

It wasn’t really stressful if I’m honest. It was more expression. When I was producing, I wasn’t thinking it was going to be anything, which helped because it was no pressure-just me having fun. I’ll always have fun with it and if I remember it- I’ll use it. If I don’t remember it- it’s not good enough. [LOL]

In ‘This View’ you mention you just “want to find a place where the sky is really blue.” I guess that’s like finding a happy place. What does a happy place look like to you?

I don’t think I have an ideal happy place, I would say as long as you’re happy within yourself then the happy place will just come. I feel like you have to love yourself in order to have a certain view on life, so it’s more a thing where if you’re at peace with yourself then you’ll have peace in life.

When it comes to finding peace, do you do anything like meditation or yoga?

Yeah! Especially when I was writing this song. I was feeling so low so that was the first time I ever tried to really experience meditating and it really helped me if I’m honest. Chilling in a park with no noise, by myself with no phone.. I think it just helps. I recommend it because if you just calmly breathe and meditate and get your mind and right.

I feel like I might need to take some notes from you then! Hahaa. 

So, with your music video for ‘This View’- has it been made yet or is it still in the making?

I literally made it 3 days ago. Everything on this song is me, so, I produced and directed the whole thing myself as well. I can’t wait for the video- it’s going to be a movie! I’m really excited for it!

I’m so impressed that the first time you ever recorded in the studio is when you were spotted by Clean Bandit as a teenager. Tell me more about that?

It was so random. When I met Clean Bandit, I was 14. So… I was a bit naughty to my mum and she use to send me to a youth center called Tabot Mix and they use to hold little karaoke nights and Clean Bandit were literally just doing a documentary about the area. They heard me sing, asked to record me- then when I was 16, they hit me up and the same day we went to the studio. That was my first time in the studio, and it was the Metropolis studio and it was so overwhelming and so big. The studio session with them really made me want to become a singer even more. The whole experience was just crazy!

I know that Biggie was one of your biggest musical influences. Is there anyone else that you really look up to musically or otherwise?

I definitely look up to Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Their tones to me are just like silk. I just love great tones! I love SWV and The Temptations because I really love harmonies and listening to groups like that over and over taught me how to do harmonies. 

The reason why I love Biggie and rappers is because they freestyle and that’s how I write all my songs. I don’t write things down- I just freestyle. The writing thing is not for me…when I try to write I get distracted, it just doesn’t work. 

I love uplifting women like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. I just love strong powerful, boss women. People like them don’t have to use their looks, they are literally intelligent. I feel like, if in life you can have a message and even if its just one person that it helps- id rather do that. 

In a sentence or two, how would you describe what ‘This View’ is about?

I would say its about expressing a low point of life and tryna find a positive outcome from that low situation. 

What’s next planned for you this 2019?

I have my EP coming up in May. May 17th! It’s my first ever EP and it’s called Beautiful Chaos. It’s got a couple features…Couple special acts!

Yeah 2019 my 1st projects coming out and I’ve already got my second one done so I think it might come out in 2019 as well.

Because I freestyle I literally have millions of songs. Instead of thinking “we need to add more songs” our problem is what song to take off. I have too much!

Who would you really like to collab with? Not just as of now but in the future too.

J COLE! I literally adore…I ADORE HIM! I would really love to work with J Cole and Meek Mill (I love Meek Mill.) I’d love to write a song with Jorja [Smith] because I think she would convey my message really well with her voice. Listen girl- the universe is real! Speak it into existence!

Lastly- anything else you want to tell the people?

Make sure you keep your eye out for me!