Blacpire Meets Nigerian-Canadian Singer Serenade

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When did you first get into music?

I’ve always been into music. I remember performing “we will rock you” by “queen” at my school assembly in grade 2. I remember downloading some bootleg auto tune program on my computer, recording some song on my phone in grade 7 or 8, and playing it for my friend Yasmin. But I’d say the moment when I knew I could actually do this, or wanted to do this, was when I was in grade 11 at my friend Sofia’s house singing “Trey Songz” with my boy Jean. I was singing in front Lea, she was the girl I liked at the time. She told me I could sing, and it was a wrap from there.

What was the inspiration behind your name "Serenade"?

I originally went by my government surname but I wanted something that I could separate myself from so I could be more open and vulnerable I guess. I liked the definition of “serenade” it seemed fitting, and I like how it looked on paper.

What has influenced you and your music?

The biggest influence for me is women haha, and the relationship/situations I get myself into. I also grew up in a Nigerian household, so Afropop has always been a big influence for me. Lastly, the Toronto music scene has been a huge influence on me. Some of my closest boys that I make music with are from there, and the culture just rubs off on me. Shout out Dejuan and Jordy.

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What was the inspiration behind your EP 'You Should Have Stayed'?

This EP was inspired by the relationship that I’ve built that either went good or sour. I went through a lot and recorded it during the harsh Canadian winters so it’s sounds cold and dark. That’s how I wanted it to sound.

Which is your favourite track?

“Sport” is my favourite track. That tracks for the mandem haha. New age R&B players anthem.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? 

I love PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake, Playboi Carti, The Weeknd, Burna Boy. But besides the ones that I just mentioned, I’m inspired by a lot of local talent like my boy “Lv.123” who produced all of “You Should Have Stayed”, my boy “Silkq” who’s also from Calgary, or “Beach Season” who are also doing good things for the city. 

What can we expect from you in the future?

More R&B, more Afropop, and just more music in general. 

Listen to Serenade’s EP “You Should Have Stayed” here: 

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