Blacpire Meets Cast From New Film ‘Clued Up’

Callan Allan & Joel Francis-Williams

Callan Allan & Joel Francis-Williams

We sat down with some of the cast from new film ‘Clued Up’ which is set to release in UK cinemas in March 2019!

The story behind Clued Up follows the story of best mates Theo & AJ through their final year of school. Theo lives with his mother, a single parent who lives pay check by pay check looking after the family. Both Theo & AJ are sick of education and want to make a bit of quick cash for the summer. AJ suggests they turn to local drug dealer ‘Mike’ who is well known to sell drugs through teens. Theo is skeptical to begin with but later sways with AJ and agrees it’s the best way to make a quick bit of money. However, they come across a problem which means they’ll have to make some important decisions.

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We sat down with lead actor Callan Allen who is also the writer, producer and director and spoke to him about some of the difficulties in directing.

What difficulties do you face as a young director?

As a young director there’s so many people trying to push your vision in their direction. Even down to minor details like the colour of the school ties I had people telling me how they should be. I had adults telling me how MY film should be even though they had never directed or produced a film in their life! So I think that especially when your young there’s people that try to sway your idea & vision in different directions.

Do you think being in this industry from such a young age has had an effect on you negative or positive?

Personally, for myself I think being in the industry from a young age is a positive thing as you get to grow & develop your craft. There are negatives as people do witness your mistake as your in the public eye but it’s all part of the journey!

What advice would you give to young film makers if they wanted to get into the industry?

I always say that everyone’s journeys different. So because something works for Stephen Spielberg doesn’t necessarily mean you need to follow every step he did to become successful. You need to know your worth as it’s so easy to just agree to certain things, just because a room full of men in business suits say you should. Lastly you’ve gotta love what you do! Keep pushing, you could have 100 set backs whilst creating a project but like John Heywood once said “ Rome wasn’t built in a day”!

We also spoke to Joel Francis-Williams co-star, about being in the industry from such a young age and what effect that had on him.

What difficulties do you face as a young actor?

I wouldn’t say it’s due to me being a ‘young’ actor, but sometimes it’s easy to get overlooked as other actors who are already established may get pushed further due to their credits. If there was to be a Clued Up 2 what would you like to see from your character? I would like to see more from AJ, I believe AJ has the most layers to him then any of the other characters, It would be interesting to see AJ play a vulnerable new school student.

Do you think being in this industry from such a young age has had an effect on you negative or positive?

I think it has in a positive way, as from an early age I learnt how the industry was set out and I believe it allowed me to become to more solid to rejection in auditions.

Where do would you like to see your career in 5 years time?

I would like to have filmed at least 10 solid projects that I’m proud of & maybe a nomination for an award.

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‘Clued Up’ hits cinemas this March!