Annabelle Comes Home Review: Creepy Funhouse Horror Threequel


The Conjuring Universe franchise continues to expand with another film, Annabelle 3: Annabelle Comes Home - which released on on July 10th. Just like the rest of the films; it is loosely based around the lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren, real life paranormal investigators, as well as the demons that they have encountered throughout their lives. Lorraine is a self-claimed medium and Warren a self-taught demonologist, together they have investigated many famous paranormal hauntings such as The Amityville Haunting, The Union Cemetery and of course Annabelle. Unlike the other movies in this franchise, the audience is given an insight into a variety of cases the Warrens have investigated although still focuses on the doll. Hopefully, this leads to more spin offs to further expand The Conjuring Universe allowing us to meet more undead demons that the Warrens have encountered. Knowing that these films are based on real life events just makes these films that much scarier. 

The film begins after Ed and Lorraine travel back home after taking Annabelle from the two roommates who were seen at the beginning of the very first Annabelle film. Like many spin offs from The Conjuring movies, Ed and Lorraine are not the centre of the storyline - more interestingly however, is that the story revolves around their daughter Judy Warren and the museum containing artifacts from their previous investigations. This museum today can be found in the basement of the Warrens family home which is open to the public. Annabelle 3 is set in the 1970s and takes place after the events of the Perron family (The Conjuring 1). Unlike other horrors there is suspense from the get go which has you waiting for the first scary jump.

As the film progresses and the storyline unravels we are shown what it is like for little Judy to have such infamous parents who are highly criticised for being a hoax, such statements are still used to this day. The film quickly moves on to the main tale of Daniela (Judy’s babysitter best friend and also the older sister of her bully) who is desperate to make contact with her dead father to which she blames the death of upon herself following a car accident. Annabelle is quick to take full advantage of this and in some way encourages Daniela to open the glass box containing the conduit doll - a term we are introduced to as the true form of the doll, channeling the evil spirits around her making it seem as if she is coming to life. The remainder of the film follows the girls as they battle together the many demons that have been released from the basement due to Annabelle leaving her box. The film is produced in a clever way which has you clenching the arms of your seat at the wrong parts never seeing the true jumpy parts coming. What was surprising to see is  that it finishes with a touching scene giving Daniela exactly what she wanted from the very beginning of the film, reassurance from her dead father given to her by Lorraine. A scene so touching, many viewers can be left with tears in their eyes considering what we have previously witnessed her going through. However, if we are to compare this film to the other two Annabelle's, the second in the trio takes first place as the scariest however this one follows not too far behind. It has everything that we want in a scary film: suspense, tension, blood demons and a little girl power. 

Rating: 7.5/10