Adorned by Anj Introduces New Mini Hair Guide

Adorned by Anj is a brand that is all about beautifying and pampering women. They strive to create a harmonious environment where people can exchange knowledge with each other and be inspired by each other. They offer a range of different services and offer beauty products too. They also offer hair books to give those that are not hair enthusiasts the basic tips they need in order to style and maintain their hair. 

They are expanding and hope to start a publishing company that allows hair and beauty creatives to publish any books they would like under their brand.

They have recently released their first ever mini hair guide. This hair guide was created to be every girl’s best friend, filled with a variety of tips I believe every girl needs to know about. These tips are based on what founder Anji, has learned over the years, and the questions girls have frequently asked her. ABA desires to share as much knowledge as possible with those that need it, what better way to do so than to place all the knowledge we can think of into a variety of books!


What was the inspiration behind ABA?

When I  was in Year 10 I did work experience in my aunties salon, and after I had finished the work experience I decided to stay to work for the summer so that I could save up for my 16th birthday. After I accomplished this, I honestly didn’t want to leave because I loved being in an environment where different people from all walks of life are having sooo many different conversations. I was also fascinated by hair as well of course! I worked in my aunties salon for 3 and a half years after this. Even though I wasn’t doing customers hair in the first year or so of working there, I still had that passion to come in during my holidays and on Saturdays to watch and learn. In my last year working there, my aunty was really encouraging me to start my own business so I eventually got the push i needed to start ADORNED BY ANJ (formerly known as hairbyanj).

What is your mission and vision? 

My desire for ABA is to create an environment where men and women can have funny and educational conversations with each other. Conversations that you learn from and are inspired by, as well as conversations that make you laugh!!! I also want to use my platform to help people in any way I can and to give back. I want to use my platform to share my gift with anyone that is willing to receive it because God did not give me such a gift to be stingy with it. The end goal is to have a salon where you can access all things hair and beauty, so from stylists to MUAs to barbers to a masseuse.

What can we expect from you in the future?

In the future, I plan to start selling hair with my own line of wigs. I also intend to develop a publishing company for creatives to publish any guides they want under my brand. I have my second book coming out in May! I desire to open a salon of my own! I don’t know how I am going to do most of these things but I am literally trusting God to guide my through this entire process.