Hustle or be Hustled! Hustlers Film Review


Hustle or be Hustled!

Based on a true story of strippers, living the stripper lifestyle. A group of young women, are living their best life off of Wall Street bankers credit cards, and $100 dollar bills until the 2008 crash which meant business was slow for them.

Staring Constance Wu as Destiny, she notices that the clubs start to become empty and so are their pockets. Until, the hottest stripper in town comes into her life, Ramona (Jennifer Lopez). The two embark on a plan to drug their unsuspecting clients and to swipe their corporate cards, credit cards or any card that beeps! They recruit two other fellow strippers Annabelle (Lili Reinhart) and Mercedes (Keke Palmer).

After a few successful, or as they would call it innocent swipes of the card the plan eventually turns into something a bit more felonious, as they start to completely empty accounts and knock the victims out cold.

The concept of “Hustlers” is one that I was very excited to see however, once the con starts its a repetitive scheme that has really no change. Particular scenes in the film that could of really captured what they were trying to do, ended. The struggle of class which is something thats constantly addressed isn’t at stake any more than gender equality.

There was so much that was left unexplored that could’ve really put the film on the map. Yet, the movie doesn’t emphasis on the consequences of their actions or the working conditions that they may face, more of the betrayal between the group on who talks first. Once their plan is up and they’re caught Ramona claims that “this whole city, this whole country, is one big strip club” which could’ve made the film more alluring if it tapped into the economic and moral ideas for both sides and connected the two rather than focus on merely one.

Hustlers Rating: 3/5

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