East London Rapper Tantrum Releases Her Debut EP "Coldest Winter"


Tantrum is a rapper from East London although she was born in Jamaica. Her unique sound sets her apart from other artists in the UK and makes her stand out from the crowd. “Coldest Winter” features immaculate production that has an old school Hip Hop flare. Below Tantrum speaks on her musical influences and her plans for the future:

When did you first get into music?

I first started performing when i was 4 years old doing covers of Jamaican artists.

What has influenced you and your music?

Definitely my culture and family, heavily listened to Bob Marley, Bad Boys, Biggie, The Lox, Busta Rhymes, Ma$e etc.

What was the inspiration behind 'Coldest Winter'?

Well Coldest Winter was inspired by one of the singles on the EP "Clack Clack" after that was made my business partner Alex called me and said "I need a 8 track EP…. I'm thinking Coldest Winter" and that was it Coldest Winter was born.

What is your favourite track from the project and why?

My favourite track is Tears because I'm actually an empath. As hard as the exterior is I carry a lot of emotions and pain happens to be one of those emotions.

Who are your musical inspirations? 

Bob Marley, Styles P, Jadakiss, Cassidy and Cam'ron and I'm feeling J.cole he inspires me for the musical journey not the music


Where did your name 'Tantrum' come from?  

I got my name as a teenager hanging at youth clubs peers. They named me and clearly anger was a factor so Tantrum was the pickings.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Sooo much, my ambitions are larger than life humongous and I won’t stop until everything I intend to achieve is done. For now the EP, after the EP a couple of singles and when I feel good and ready they can have the album.

Check out the video for Tantrums track “Cold” below: