2k18 Is Kojey Radical’s Cold Season

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To anyone vaguely aware of the unusual flows, beats and lyricism tearing up the British musical underground, Kojey Radical should be front and centre of your radar. This talented East London native has captivated audiences across the country and internationally with poetic verses and a gifted ear for the sonics of his music.

Recently, Radical has been on a rampage, dropping tune after tune to accolades and accolades. His “Water” track featuring Mahalia and its accompanying 9-minute short film was a masterpiece of contemporary artistry with its unapologetic discussion of “solitude/ politics, love, manhood and sexuality I discovered like a blind lamb in the hands of an unfamiliar shepherd”; words beautifully narrated by the iconic Michaela Coel at the introduction of the video. Mahalia’s soulful voice works in beautiful harmony with Kojey’s own vocal contributions.

His collaboration with respected, old-school producer M.J Cole “Soak it Up” is another tune that is pleasure to the ear but also to the mind, flexing an original, deftly constructed garage beat, atmospheric vocals and emotive exploration of grief, pain and loss. In the music video, the fast-paced electronic hip hop vibes are transposed on a poignant scene of a grieving black family and the gentle gyrations of a ghostly figure. Filmawi’s direction makes for a powerful video and highlights the beauty of Radical’s vision.

Amidst ridiculously hot weather throughout the United Kingdom, Kojey Radical is still delivering the coldest music. His new Pure/97 double release is the combative and innovative project we needed. Describing 97’, he mentions the song “is about the loss of a close friend I want the song to feel like a celebration. Something we can both smoke to in heaven..." This light-hearted defiance can be clearly heard on the track which, atop a fun, trap-(ish) beat, talks about the “One direction” vibes of his Gs, and prays that in this time of violence in the Capital, that “Hope, God, god got my dons”.

Pure is a different style entirely with a grittier, more aggressive flow from Radical riding a sample-infused beat. Lyrics are more reflective here, channeling Kanye arrogance with “These ni**as that much better than me/Really paint a new Picasso like me, I don't see it?” Knowing your own sauce is a major key and Kojey knows the “Pure hearted will always prosper” as he’s doing this 2k18.

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Check YouTube for the music videos for ‘Soak It Up’ and ‘Water’