Unconventional Fashion & Lifestyle Duo Set to Showcase the Best of South Africa on Universal Television



It’s official!

Renowned Business Media and Lifestyle (Radio & TV) Personality Colin Don Schouw joins International Nigerian born model Jimi Ogunlaja (better know as Jimisterio) in a series of explosive reality, entertainment and live talk shows.

With their debut show ‘All Access’ on Africa's first dedicated English-language specialty fashion channel Spice TV scheduled to Air in February, the pair will showcase South Africa’s most exclusive events, zoom in on SA’s A-listers and celebrities who serve as industry game changers and most importantly highlight the development, growth and potential of the African fashion industry.

The channel broadcasts both local and international programming related to fashion, modelling, beauty, luxury and lifestyle on DStv channel 190.

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The duo has been spotted at some of the most anticipated events on Cape Town’s social calendar and endeavor to take viewers on an exhilarating journey into the world of Luxury, Entertainment and Celebrity Lifestyle; bringing viewers all the action from behind the scenes, where only a privileged few would usually be found.

‘Our goal is to produce cutting edge, behind the scenes footage of all things relating to the growth of the industry. – Colin Don Schouw

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Jimi Ogunlaja, who made his debut appearance as a runway model in South Africa in 2008 became an overnight sensation and was sought after by global brands soon after his arrival in the country. An avid entrepreneur, Jimi founded the Jimisterio Catwalk Academy and embarked on the journey of training talented African models who today can be seen frequenting runways at fashion shows across SA. With a background in Acting, Jimi has joined forces with lifestyle entrepreneur Colin Don Schouw and will showcase the best of South African fashion and lifestyle on Universal TV Channel, DSTV.

Jimi arrived in Cape Town 10 years ago with just a suitcase and a plan to stay for a week and try for a career in modeling after being discovered by a friend (Bose Efunuga) in Lagos in 2003.

Pretoria - The most booked male model in Cape Town not only “owns” the clothes he wears on the runway, his magnetic presence commands attention when he walks. (IOL Lifestyle - FASHION / 30 OCTOBER 2014, 12:01PM / NONTANDO MPOSO

Colin, who is a skilled business and innovation strategist, has been in the public eye since the launch of his online business radio show and has been inspiring South Africans to dream through sharp, unapologetic and robust debates about Africa’s growth. A renowned brand strategist, Colin has worked with and launched numerous fashion startups and SME’s and continues to support the development of local talent.

This exciting new collaboration will serve as a reminder to Africans that together we are stronger. Africa will rise when we rise. –Colin