Insecure Seaeon 2 Episode 7 Recap: Hella Disrepectful

Issa has a right to be mad, Molly is rethinking everything, and Lawrence isn’t following the plus one etiquette.

The episode before the season finale, “Hella Disrespectful” throws in more problems for this awkward group of friends to deal with. We first see Issa after being blindsided last episode without an eye patch. She is going over the events with Molly on the phone. Molly wants to pull up on Daniel’s ass carrying a water gun loaded with eggs. Since the two of them aren’t judging each other she drops the bomb on Issa that she is still very much seeing Dro even though she said she was done. Issais still riding the city bus and ends up sitting by the kid who I’m pretty sure partook in stealing some of her snacks from her We Got Y’all program. She sees him skimming over a PSAT study guide. Issa assures him that her program has tutoring for that. He tells her that the principal told him the program is full. Issaknows this is a lie and it’s pretty much written on her face that she knows Frida’s concerns were real. As soon as she gets into work she goes over to Frida’s desk and hands her a list of ideas she has for their program. Frida has the same ideas, she feels that the two are synced physically and mentally even when they aren’t speaking. Issa feels that she is getting carried away, but the two apologize to each other.

We cut to Lawrence and his nosy coworkers. Why are coworkers so nosy? Why do you need to know what he did this weekend? Anyways they are trying to figure out if Lawrence and Aparna are a thing or not. Well, we are left wondering if the two have business. They make plans to go out to a new bar to get drinks and shit so they must have business right?

Molly is still rolling around with Lil Rel as he coaches her through getting the pay that she is owed. She has a meeting coming up and with the advice from Lil Rel viewers get a sense of hope here that things are actually going to work out for Molly as they should. Speaking of Molly, her and Dro are indeed still at it. She done gave this nigga some house keys? I’m shook as he offers them back. She declines and then re-gifts him some popcorn. Dro drops the news on her that his wife Candace will be at their friend’s dinner party. This will be the first time she has seen her since she has been sleeping with her husband.

While we are on the topic of guests at this dinner party, Issafinds out that Lawrence will be in attendance. Of course, she instantly goes to Facebook to see what he has been up to. But to her dismay, she finds out that she has been blocked. This brings in another iconic Issa bathroom mirror pep talk/rap. I had to rewind three times just to soak all the greatness in. But after all of that, it’s cool Issa is still coming through.

We then cut to just about everyone dealing with work situations. Molly makes it clear at her work meeting that she is always happy to step up. Her white male counterparts aren’t hearing it though. Basically telling her that they will discuss these things next year after her end of year review. So still no win for Molly at work this season, but looking to the finale seems that she may be looking at taking her talents to a new firm. Issa finally confronts the principal on his racial comments toward the Hispanic students and not including them in her program. He can’t believe that she is coming at him on some All Lives Matter. He ends up laughing off Issa and Frida’s concerns, ensuring them that nobody died. I think that it was important to include this because sometimes we as black folk fail to point out the wrongdoings of our black peers.

Lawrence on the other hand while not stressing at work extends the invitation to Aparna to join him at the dinner party. He’s bringing a plus one when nobody told him he could. He’s bold.

Issa finally hears from Daniel after the incident. He apologizes and while it seems that things may be okay between the two, he slips and says that they are even now. This infuriates Issa and now she wants nothing to do with him. Her brother arrives to pick her up and she hops in the car and slams the door. What’s wrong with her? Niggas.

The dinner party commences. Molly and Candace speak awkwardly. Molly even spills a drink she’s so shook. What I got from the interactions between the two and Dro was that Dropulled out Molly’s chair for her but he didn’t do the same for Candace. Very weird. To make things even worse Lawrence comes in with Aparna. Everyone has to grumpily move down to make room for her. The dinner continues, and Issa starts drinking. Dro and Candace are all lovey dovey which makes Molly uncomfortable. A girl at the dinner loudly makes the connection that Issa and Lawrence used to date. And to put the icing on the cake Issa drunkenly refers to Aparna as a rando. After all of this Issa has finally had enough and excuses herself outside. Lawrence follows after her and the two begin a verbal boxing match. Phrases like “depressed ass” and “time spent being a hoe” were thrown back and forth for a little over a minute before Aparna interrupts. I honestly thought Issa was going to snatch her, but she and Lawrence are able to leave in one piece.

Meanwhile back at the dinner table, they are serving carrot cake. I agree with Kelli, why are they serving carrot cake? Carrot cake is for the birds. Molly gets the chance to talk to Dro solo which ends in you guessed it them having sex in the bathroom. After the deed is done he tells her to wait back here for a second and then walk out. I’m not understanding, like if he and Candace are in this open relationship then why does it matter if anyoneknows that he’s smashing Molly? This reassures me that this open marriage is fake. Even if it is really an open marriage I am sure Molly a childhood friend who he has always had feelings for is way off limits. When Molly finally walks out she is greeted by Issa. The both of them clearly confused and broken with what is going on in their lives right now. The homegirls fix each other up. Molly even rips off a tag for Issa. A modest gesture, but she should have just tucked it because Issa had plans on returning the dress. She can forget that now.

Viewers get a last look at Lawrence and Aparna for the episode who still go out to get drinks. Here he goes again moving so fast with another girl when he is clearly not over Issa. Let me guess he is going to string her along and then make things awkward for himself at work.

Molly after leaving the dinner party finally calls her mom. She just wants answers as to why her mom stayed with her dad after he cheated on her. It’s simple for her mother. He made her feel special more than he hurt her. With the combination of that and being around Candace and Dro at the dinner party, Molly responds to a text from Dro letting him know that she can no longer do this. How many times is she going to send this man this same text is my question.


Issa gets home to a rent increase notice. After crumbling it up she looks up to her ceiling again to see the stain from her wine down. A constant reminder of Lawrence at this point. Issa loses it and totally trashes her apartment. It’s all too much for her at the moment. Lawrence’s words cut her tonight, she is embarrassed and believes Daniel’s stunt was out of revenge, and on top of all of that now there’s a rent increase. A rent increase coupled with the fact that her car needs fixing. She’s got the right to be mad. Some Solange sliding in at the end there would have definitely set this scene off. With a 45-minute season finale to look forward to next week, viewers have a lot to digest and a lot to look forward to before this season wraps up.