Beyoncé’s Iconic Movie Roles (And how we lowkey need more!)


Beyoncé is a force to be reckoned with. With the success of ‘Lemonade’ and the birth of the twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, she’s still breaking the internet (sorry Kim K, you should’ve saw it coming). One thing is missing though, a new movie. Though, she has been added to the cast of the live action version of The Lion King as ‘Nala’ so we have that to look forward to.

 But let’s not forget her other roles that we love and can’t get enough of:


Carmen: A Hip Hopera



There was a time where this wouldn’t stay off of TV. Everybody loved the Bey and Mekhi combo.



Bey, IDRIS ELBA, and crazy white girl from the Final Destination franchise, Ali Larter.  That ending though when she pissed Bey off! Doesn’t she know not to piss of the Queen? But if Idris was our man, I’m sure we’d fight for him too.


dream girls.jpg

Listen, when Beyonce was in that booth singing her life away, our wigs got snatched. (Check out that video)

Cadillac Records


Etta James  was perfectly depicted through Bey in this film. Can we get more musicals? Especially if they’re anything like how Bey sings in them.

Pink Panther

pink panther.jpg

Honestly, I think people were just here for that amazingly pink music video. The Pink Panther was shook!



This was Bey’s first role in an animation film.  Everybody and their mama took their little ones to go see just for Queen Bey. Talk about impact.

Nevertheless, we need more films from the Queen (and, maybe that Lemonade World Tour DVD as well)

We’re asking nicely B.