‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Season Premiere Recap


The season 4 premiere of one of ABC’s hit TV show ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ is already giving fans the feels they’re grown accustomed to: confusion, sadness, anger, and an unnerving sense of anticipation. As we’re reminded of last season’s devastating heartache, it goes without saying that this season will, too, have the same effect.

‘I’m Going Away’: The show opens with Annaliese Keating writing the name of the remaining students, Laurel, Michaela, Asher, and Connor, on separate envelopes, there purpose later revealed in the episode. As we’re switched over to another scene, we find Laurel looking at her phone at a message from Annaliese as she’s with her father, who’s in town for a visit. She explains to him that the reason for her not calling was due to the fact that’s she pregnant. Naturally, he assumes its Frank’s; she neither confirms nor denies but confesses to an abortion.

While on a plane, Keating is being courted by a talkative gentleman, Desmond. She’s far too distracted to even pay attention, even as he continues to ramble on. He introduces himself as so does she but under the name of Bonnie. Keating enters a door with a bell attached on top; she’s at her mother’s house. What seemed to be a lovely family dinner with Keating, her mother Ophelia and father Mac, and sister Celestine, quickly turns into a bitter one once Keating suggests to her mother about entering a nursery home for her early signs of dementia. Tension is high as Keating tries level with her mother with homemade clobber to no avail. In her respective room, she receives a call from Bonnie, being informed that Sam’s sister is suing her for the house and the insurance money is being frozen. In this moment we see her trying to grasp the reality of her situation in frustration. She reaches for her phone and searches for nearby AA meetings until her phone says a 2% battery life. Reaching inside her purse for her phone charger, she finds Desmond’s number, which he undoubtedly slipped in there. She meets up with him with one thing on her mind but as he takes a call during the course of action, Keating assumes it’s his significant other but he reveals it’s only his daughter. Having a change of mind, she decides to leave but not without telling a very confused Desmond her real name.

Back at her mother’s and asleep, Keating is awaken by her mother’s episode of thinking the house is on fire; one that started to kill the uncle that molested Keating as a child. Once Keating realizes the house isn’t on fire and her father, whose sole responsibility is to watch over her mother, was sleeping, she tries to calms her mother down by telling her that her dementia is making her confused. In the moment of realization, momma pees on the floor. After getting cleaned up, she tells Annaliese that she’s willing to visit the nursing home, which doesn’t go too well once Mac tries to blame Ophelia’s night terror on Annaliese. He tells her that she hadn’t mentioned anything her uncle before her visit. Later that night, Annaliese opens up to her sister about her current situation with her house and possibly being disbarred. Ophelia sits with Annaliese and explains that she’s aware of her slipping mind and fears for her, seeing she had lost so much already. Annaliese is readying to leave and return home, on her exit, her father is placing a lock on the outside of Ophelia’s door so she can’t escape during the night. Annaliese tells him that he’s responsible and if anything were to happen to her mother because he decided to get drunk or not pay attention, things wouldn’t be too good. Feeling defeated, Mac finally apologizes for her sexual abuse.

Say Yes: Asher and Michaela are still very much a thing as they are seen mattress shopping. As Michaela physically feels one out with the assistance of a handsome salesman, Asher employs his inappropriate mannerisms to assert his dominance. As Michaela pulls his one the bed she’s trying on in a ‘I’m only yours’ kind of way, they both receive a group chat from Annaliese saying she wants to talk at a dinner she’s reserved. The same text had reached Connor as he was out with boyfriend Oliver at a gay bar. Seeing he didn’t receive a text, Oliver doesn’t feel important enough for Annaliese to care about. Moments before, Oliver was still searching for an answer to his marriage proposal from Connor, who is having reservations about it.

In hopes of getting Annaliese’s full forgiveness, Frank is shopping with Bonnie for a new office. Bonnie explains that the certainty of her still being able to practice is still unsure and that they don’t have the money for it at the time. Frank, however, is willing to cover it all with the money in the suitcase he’s been holding onto for several years. He switches the mood and asks Bonnie of her next evening plans to which she revealed she had a dinner to attend with Annaliese and the students. Frank realizes his invitation wasn’t existence but vows to win her back soon.

Annaliese has her disbarment hearing with Bonnie representing her but she soon takes over her own hearing, confessing to her alcoholism and promises to clean up her act for once and good. The judges aren’t so sure as she made these promises before and made the statement that Keating once said that they’re allowed to disbar her if she slips up. Keating is aware of her words but she asks for one more chance because losing her license would be losing everything after she’s lost so much.

The Last Supper: As Laurel enters the restaurant as the last attendant for Keating’s dinner, she notices everyone has the envelopes from the beginning of the episode on each other plates. The students are anxiously waiting to hear Keating’s news but she insists on trying to have a meal first. As Asher asks for the price range and begins looking over his menu happily once Keating says order whatever they want, Connor speaks of an expensive dish nonchalant to rush her to explain their meeting. Keating explains that she won her hearing and her students are excited as they hope she gets to go back teaching. Before she could finish, Laurel confesses that she’s still pregnant, after Asher offers a congratulatory round of wine. We see Annaliese’s face tightens as the memory of Wes comes back to her. Connor says he’s excited to be a ‘guncle’ (gay uncle), and the students wonder if he’d accept Oliver’s marriage proposal finally.

Annaliese regains their attention as she goes to explain that the envelopes contain letter of recommendations so they can go on and live their lives as normal as possible, before they had met her. Michaela takes it the hardest as she states her entire reason for going to law school was to be like her and that with their failing GPA or reputation, Keating is the only one who can fix it all. Laurel has no words as she’s first to leave the table. Michaela leaves next with a “have a terrible rest of your life.” Asher goes to say, “Maybe next time don’t invite to fancy dinner to dump them.” Connor leaves with a simple ‘thank you’, each grabbing their respective letters on their exit. Bonnie is the last one left, hoping the students would later in life understand but only to be given her own envelope as Annaliese excuses herself, leaving Bonnie alone, crying at the table.

Nearing the end of the episode, Annaliese finds her a one bedroom suite to live in for the month as her voice is heard reading out the contents of each recommendation letter. Connor takes advantage of his new found freedom and though, still declining Oliver’s marriage proposal, he’s preparing for a normal life with him. Michaela is still high strung and anger as she hypes Asher up to get motivated now that Annaliese is out of their lives for good and fix their resumes. Laurel is living in Wes’s old apartment now and as she’s sitting on his bed, we see her very pregnant belly as her father texts a picture of them from his previous visit. While typing a response, we see Laurel type in, “Why did you kill Wes?” but erasing the message to put an ‘I love you too.’ Bonnie is seen sitting inside the courthouse when Nate makes an appearance questioning her reasons for being there. She announces she has an appointment, which turns out to be with the DA, the same one who tried to ruin Annaliese. As part of her agreement, Annaliese meets with a new therapist, who tells her to be one time, don’t cancel, and of course not to drink. The scene ends with her telling him that she just wants to get better.

Fast forward to three months later, we see Annaliese’s therapist meet up with Frank at the hospital and as the camera focuses on Frank as he enters a room, he seems relieved and then we hear Laurel’s voice. As the camera follows her hands to her now flat stomach, panic is rushed over her face as the camera focuses on them. She is asking Frank where her baby is but Frank has no words, which causes Laurel to freak out more asking the same question over and over again. The episode ends.

There’s so many question we need answers to such as: how does Laurel know her father had anything to do with Wes’s murder and why lie about the baby? Why is Annaliese cutting everybody off so abruptly? And the main one that we’ll have to wait on clues for throughout the season: where is Laurel’s baby?

The new episode ‘I’m Not Her’ airs next Thursday, October 5 at 10 PM.