Many celebrities do not like to speak up against things going on in the world because it could ruin their brand. That’s not the case with rapper J. Cole and NBA star LeBron James. They've both used their platforms this weekend to speak out on Donald Trump and how the NFL has blackballed Colin Kaepernick. First let me talk about LeBron, no matter what team you root for in the NBA you can’t deny that LeBron has been the face of the NBA for years; he's never had any scandals so you would think he would do any and every thing to protect his brand right?

Nope that’s not the case. Yesterday morning after Donald Trump tweeted that Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry wasn’t invited to the white house anymore;

LeBron backed Steph and tweeted Donald Trump back calling him a bum and said he wasn’t going to the White House anyway and that it was a great honor until he showed up.

Twitter went crazy because of it and not too long after,  Lebron decided to post a video to explain why he felt how he felt.

In the video LeBron talks about how the president has been trying to divide us for a while. He mentions that sports is one of the things that brings all of us together and Donald Trump is trying to use that to divide us and that he can’t sit back and watch him disrespect his colleague. 

Now we have J. Cole today who surprised me because he never tweets anymore but that’s how I know this topic is important to him. He started talking about how important it is to boycott the NFL until Colin Kaepernick has a job again and explained all the steps to do so. J Cole also talked about how much power we have in this situation. He even brought up how our great grandparents boycotted the bus systems because they wouldn’t tolerate racism. He ended his tweets with explaining how this could be the biggest opportunity in our generation to come together and show the world how strong we are and how well we do when we can really come together. A lot of people might look at what LeBron and J. Cole did over the weekend as something small but it’s not. We need more of this especially through social media because that is one of the strongest platforms we have in our generation and we look up to celebrities more than we do some of our parents and politicians. So maybe with people like LeBron and J. Cole paving the way more celebs will start following their lead and things will start to change.