From the Ends to the Charts, For One South London Rapper

Big Shaq's "Man's Not Hot" single reached no.7 on the iTunes chart less than 15 hours after being released.

Shaq, a roadman persona brought to life by U.K. based comedian, Michael Dapaah reached the spotlight after his "the ting goes" freestyle on BBC1 xtra's fire in the booth went viral. 

Man's not hot's captivating lyrics"the ting goes skrrra pap pap ka ka ka skibidi pap pap & a pu pu drrr boom SKIAA" has been the source of trolls all over social platforms. 

This is a huge success for Big Shaq's character, who has previously suffered to make ends meet following a range of unsuccessful career paths. 

This is not the comedian's first viral song. Dapaah, has previously release the track "balance"  under the persona of MC Quakez, another character from his hit mockumentary, Somwehere In London (#SWIL). The track balance features MC Shakes which is portrayed by his brother Eddie Dapaah. 

Big Shaq's Man's not hot is available on all digital platforms.