The Apple Event: A Recap


Every year around September, millions of people around the world gather round to watch Apple’s Keynote, which give Apple fanatics the chance to see first hand what the billionaire company have been up to that year. However, this year was particularly special. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone so everyone knew Apple was bound to bring out something spectacular to mark 10 years of innovative designs and accessible technology. Furthermore, the Keynote presentation was held at the newly opened Steve Jobs Theater, a space to reflect Apple’s unconventional ideas.

Apple announced a lot of upgrades to its products in the Keynote. They introduced a third series to their watches, which now includes cellular so it doesn’t need to be paired with an iPhone all the time. The Apple Tv now comes in 4K display, taking viewers on an incredible journey with pictures more vivid than ever. But the product most people were waiting for is what have they done to the iPhone this year?

Apple have really stepped up their game this year. In the past, they have always released a phone one year, then the next year, the ’S’ version of it comes. Also they only release two phones a year; the normal size then its ‘Plus’ counterpart. But this year was a game changer. Apple released 3 phones; the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X.


The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus come in only three colours this year, compared to their usual 4 colours Apple have released over the past years. The camera on the front and back of these iPhones have also been upgraded so users can take more stunning selfies and pictures with their phone. The iPhone 8 starts from $699 (£699) and the iPhone 8 Plus starts from $799 (£799) and is available for pre-order from 15th September.

Now onto the main event: iPhone X. To celebrate ten years of the iPhone, Apple have opted to go for edge to edge display and am OLED screen. This allows images to have more accurate details and better viewing of high quality pictures. The Home Button on the iPhone 8 has been removed so to unlock the phone, Face ID has been introduced. The front camera can now map out a person’s face and use it to unlock their iPhone, another way of making your iPhone more personal to your use. The TrueDepth camera in the front of the iPhone has always paved the way to Animoji, where 12 emojis can come to life and mirror your facial expressions. Coming in two different colours of silver and space grey incased in a stainless steel frame, the iPhone X retails from $999 (£999) and is available for pre-order from 27th October.

Watch the Keynote here: