63 players better than Carmelo Anthony in the NBA? I think not!

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Yesterday ESPN released their second list of NBA power rankings which included their top players in the NBA in order from 51-75. The most talked about ranking was ESPN ranking small forward Carmelo Anthony as number 64.

Many of us grew up in the era of Lebron, Melo, D.Wade and Chris Paul etc. Now I understand Melo doesn’t have a ring but he has been in the NBA for fourteen years and has never averaged below 20 points. How is it that Lonzo Ball who hasn’t even played in a NBA game yet ranked before him?

Melo has without a doubt worked so hard throughout his career, it’s sad to see how these last couple of years he has been the most disrespected player. I guarantee if you switch half of the players on the list from 63 and up and put them on the New York Knicks they wouldn't be able to handle being the first option in the way that Melo does. I guess if Melo goes to the Cleveland Cavaliers and wins a ring or makes it to the finals and averages his same 22 points as he did this past season his rank would be higher? 

A ring changes that much? Not to throw shade at Kevin Durant but after the finals this year people started to say he was better than Lebron James all because he won a ring. Kevin Durant has been a beast his whole career and if he had stayed with OKC no one would be saying he’s better than Lebron, I say this to proved my point that Carmelo Anthony is still a top 20 player anything else is just disrespectful. Hopefully this list has made him hungry for the upcoming season and he embarrasses everyone at ESPN who had parts of this ranking.