Insecure Season 2 Finale Recap: Hella Perspective

Issa, Molly, Lawrence, and thirty days. It all unfolds.

“Hella Perspective” gives us just that little bit of closure that we need before ending season two. Viewers get a first glimpse at Issa who is beginning to witness the gentrification of her Inglewood neighborhood. A common thing that is happening in black neighborhoods from California to New York. After soaking in what is happening in “I-Wood” the episode kicks off a series of events that happen to our characters over a thirty-day period.

We begin with a look at Lawrence who is seen running a 14 mile with his co-workers. Viewers can clearly see the connection that has grown between him and Aparna. While running he glances over and sees Issa and Molly on the sideline. They don’t see him though; this kicks off a series of “Issa moments” over a month for Lawrence. It then flashes to Aparna and Lawrence in his apartment where they are very comfortable with each other. Cracking jokes about woot woot together and sitting on the counter and shit. They even discuss his next idea at work, she seems to be motivating for him and uplifting. The two end up getting busy in the kitchen before we get taken to the two at dinner. Once again viewers can sense how comfortable the two have gotten with each other. Aparna is even trying to convince Lawrence’s dumb ass not to buy speakers before he has a couch. This becomes significant later. Aparna ends up letting it slip that she hooked up with another co-worker of theirs. It then flashes to Lawrence seeing the two of them being all playful at work. The jealousy is building at this point. We flash back to the two of them at the restaurant where Lawrence spots Molly, another sign of Issa. Back at his new apartment Chad and Derek are helping Lawrence mount a TV. After handing the two beers to show his appreciation Chad makes a joke, “Am I drinking this on an empty stomach or are those wings coming?” A fucking mood. The three sit down and begin to watch the season finale of the show within a show Due North. Derek drops another Issa reference in that Tiffany is watching at her place. After brushing it off Lawrence brings up the situation with Aparna and her ex, the boys encourage him to dead that instantly. The jealously is bubbling over, and as we flash to Aparna and Lawrence headed to a movie he confronts her over her ex. Lawrence doesn’t want to be out here looking stupid. Even though he has been looking stupid for the majority of the season. Aparna angrily exits the car as Lawrence receives a call from Issa. Well, that situation is over, I pretty much called it. But then there is day light as Lawrence pulls up to Issa’s apartment. He enters the apartment without knocking! His thirty days are over. Are they back together? Why does he have a key? Where is Issa?

Viewers are brought back to the marathon as Molly’s thirty days begin. Molly and Issa are there to support Kelli who they have yet to see. Lil Rel is coming to LA in two weeks and Molly wants to take him out. He isn’t Molly’s type but at least he has a beard. We have seen Molly struggle with the pay gap at her firm for the whole season. This episode sees her interviewing with a new firm, a black firm at that. It fast forwards to Lil Rel’s arrival. Molly has taken him out where she tells him how well her interview went. She also expands upon her plan to continue interviewing so that she can go back to the firm with other offers on the table. Lil Rel showers Molly with compliments. She clearly draws a line in the sand that they are homies. Another good thing we get to see this episode is that Molly is back seeing her therapist. She tells him that Lil Rel just isn’t her type. It’s all starting to just seem like excuses here with some underlying meaning that I’m hoping gets solved next season. At the end of her therapy session, she gets a text from Dro. It then flashes to Molly and Lil Rel pouring up some Hennessey, but against all that she is said she ends up going in for the kiss. She lets Lil Rel smash! Viewers are then taken to a scene with Molly, Issa, and Kelli as Molly tells the two what went down. Kelli is fucking hilarious; she’s been hilarious all season. Molly mentions her job situation. Both of her friends give her advice on which job to take. Issa assures her she should go where the money is, something that we all can agree on. It then takes us to Molly having a meeting with her current firm. They realize that she has been interviewing and give her a damn certificate. No raise, no promotion, a gold star certificate and a pat on the back. My insides are screaming at this point for her to move on. Viewers then see Molly in bed. She tells someone they play too much. Who? Issa calls. What the hell just happened? Molly’s thirty days end.

Issa’s thirty days begin. We finally figure out where Kelli is. She caught her “red wedding” as she describes it at the 9th mile. I lived for the Game of Thrones reference. Issa catches a glimpse of Lawrence and Aparna kissing at the marathon. Issa, Molly, and Kelli are joined by Derek and Tiffany. Tiffany begins showering the girls with compliments before stumbling on what to say for Issa. Issa is moving, which is also a huge push forward. Back at Issa’s job they have begun tutoring the Latino kids at the office on the weekends. Her boss begins asking questions which Issa has to expose herself for not including in the reports that the principal has been excluding them. Issa’s boss is furious over the segregated sessions and lets her know that she will be under review. We then flash to the girls hardcore into the Due North finale. Tiffany texts and cancels on showing up. This is weird because in Lawrence’s thirty days Derek made it clear that Tiffany would be watching at Issa’s. Trouble in paradise maybe? It can’t be though as the two are expecting a baby. If that baby isn’t Derek’s I will be shook. The girls begin to help Issa pack up her apartment. Kelli inquires on Issa’s search for a roommate, where Issa exclaims that she wants to live alone. Back at work Frieda gets promoted. Issa congratulates her and offers to take her out for a drink. It seems that their friendship will be back like it used to be in season three. Issa ends up having a yard sale to get some extra cash before moving. The neighborhood blood shows up to buy a brock pot. Issa’s apartment bae comes up and expresses how much he is going to miss her; I mean he was using her Wi-Fi how dare she move. Issa is then asked how much she wants for the couch, which triggers a bunch of sentimental feelings over Lawrence. This is where she calls Lawrence, the phone call he gets while arguing with Aparna. Issa wants him to have the couch, as well as a box of his things. I thought Lawrence got all of his things out of the bathroom in episode one? This is why we saw Lawrence enter the apartment with no key. Well Issa is moving in with her brother. As they drive over to her apartment for a last walk through he gives her the run down on all the rules. LAWRENCE ENDS UP BEING THERE, HE WAITED ON HER. Finally the closure they both needed happens. They have a talk in their little kitchen even sharing jokes with each other. They both apologize and shed tears together. The two still love each other immensely. The two share a hug and then Lawrence has to go. This triggers a series of dreams of what could have been between the two. The proposal, the marriage, their baby. It is all a dream. Lawrence says bye and he leaves the apartment. A wake up call is given from her brother reminding her that her time is up. Viewers are then brought to Issa and Molly having a girls night. Black girl magic? They ain't nothing but some tricks. Issa leaves the next morning and as she gets in her Lyft she gets a friend request from Lawrence. Between the closure the two got during their talk and now the friend request, viewers can see that there is still a small slither of hope here for a reunion between the two. We then see Molly trying on lingerie. It’s for Dro as she opens the door for him. Molly is still very much not done and is still a part of this “Open” relationship. Back to Issa and her Lyft, it dropped her off at Daniel’s. WTF? She demands that she is sleeping on the couch. He knows. The finale ends. Issa’s love triangle is still very much real, Molly is still not done with Dro, and Lawrence has the closure he needed.

An epic season indeed but there is a lot to look forward to in season three. Many questions were answered and still so many that need answering. “Hella Perspectives” left us all with hella hope. Fans of Issa ending up with Lawrence or Daniel have hope as things are left very open for both. Molly fans will be happy to see that she is making progress in narrowing the pay gap. They may be a bit upset that she is still with Dro, but hey there is always season three. Viewers got a chance to take a look at Due North at the end of the episode finally. To me, it felt like a slavery twist on the “Scary Movie” series. Definitely, something I would watch if it indeed was real.