XXXTentacion's '17' Album Revealed

After taking to social media to say he was going to be on hiatus for a while, XXL-freshman XXXTentacion recently came back to tweet about the release of his new album, 17. The 19 year old rapper from Lauderhill, Florida first broke out onto the hip hop scene with his song Look At Me; this lead to not only mass amounts of hype but also managed to land him a spot as one of the artists featured in XXL Freshman Class of 2017. XXXTentacion stated, "It's my first body of work, first official album release, and the first time I’ve put my all into a project, I mean it when I say this project is absolutely amazing. If you listen to me to get hype or to not think, don’t buy this album, this one is for the depression, for the depressed ones, for the lost ones." Well known to his fans and the media the rapper has suffered with depression for quite some time and has not shied away from letting listeners know about his experiences through his lyrics. Snippets of XXXTentacion's freshman album have also made their way to YouTube, in the form of a two-minute clip several songs from the album are previewed. The songs seem to take a more mellow vibe compared to what many people know his sound to be, will this work against the rapper or help him show that there's another side to his artistry? The tracklist to 17 and the video to the snippet are down below.

17 - XXXTentacion Tracklist

1. “Jocelyn Flores”
2. “Depression & Obsession”
3. “Revenge”
4. “Save Me”
5. “Dead Inside (Interlude)”
6. “Fuck Love” Feat. Trippie Redd
7. “Orlando”
8. “Ayala (Outro)”