World Championships 2017: Tori Bowie Claims Her Title as the Fastest Woman in The World

Fentorish 'Tori' Bowie born in Mississippi is a track and field athlete for the United States and also 2017's 100m World Champion. Congratulations.

The American runner throws herself over the finish line and claims her title as the world's champion for the 100m. Bowie replaces Marie-Josee Ta Lou as the new Women's 100m champion by winning with 0.01 of a second by claiming her title in 10.98 seconds. She shocked everyone as the propelled her way past the finish line with merely a hundredth of a second, following her American counterpart Justin Gatlin and bringing a victorious title back to the United States.

Throughout the race it appeared as if Ta Lou would maintain her title and gold medal, leading ahead of her competitors until the very final seconds of the race. Although it appeared that she had stumbled toward the finish line in her launching of her body forward, it was undeniably not only necessary but also enthralled those watching with anticipation. Bowie after winning could not believe that she had obtained her title, she stated " “I had no idea. All I knew was I wanted to give it everything I’ve got... Am I really world champion?”