Insecure Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Hella Open

A proper title for episode three, "Hella Open," revealed a lot about Issa and the gang. We last saw Issa accepting the situation that she was in. With hope lost for getting back with Lawrence, Issa is on a mission to not only satisfy some sexual frustrations but to get over her ex. A task that sounds easy, but proves to be a struggle for Issa throughout the episode. She is stumbling around with men, but she isn't getting deterred just yet. After finally painting over the fire stain in her kitchen she realizes that she missed some on the ceiling. Synonymous to her relationship with Lawrence currently, gone but still there.

Molly is continuing to make moves for Chicago all the while splitting from her therapist. Issa presses her about finding a new one, but I got the feeling that won't be happening for a minute. There's a point in the episode where Molly denies help moving a piece of furniture to her car. She looks up to see a couple where the man is gladly handling the furniture for his lady. Is Molly ready to date? Well, she dates in this episode and it looks like she may have found a potential bae. It will be interesting to see where she takes this, right now I have no confidence, I mean she is turning down SZA tickets and shit. 

The last episode saw Lawrence making up with Tasha and agreeing to show up to her family BBQ. Well, of course, he gets cold feet upon showing up. I mean Lawrence is just trying to smash. He doesn't care about TGIT or family gatherings. He even ditches the cookout to go to a work party. After a few bad excuses, he finally tells Tasha that he doesn't want to make this an exclusive thing. None of this matters at this point because Tasha is fed up. She lets Lawrence know that he is a f*ck n*gga who thinks he's a good dude. It doesn't look like things will be reconciled here which I'm sure will leave Lawrence with no choice but to try and work things out with Issa.

Issa and Molly go out for a girl's night to start up Issa's hoe lessons. She doesn't fair too well though, I mean this is still all new to her and swiping on Tinder is a lot easier than having to be face to face with these new dudes. Luckily later on at her apartment, she eyes a dude at the pool. She scams a plan to go return a phone charger which leads to an awkward sexual encounter. I mean Issa dips once all is said and done and even takes back the charger she used to originally come down and meet up. After all that she still ended up right back on Tinder. 

Next week's episode we should see the return of Daniel. The itch that Issa had to scratch that got her in the predicament that she is in now. It seems like it will be an amicable reunion. I'm sure once Daniel gets wind that Issa is newly single the feelings may re-spark. And it will be just in time for the love triangle to be resurrected as Lawrence who is now without a boo will be looking for more creative ways to "get his stuff out of the bathroom".