Game of Thrones Recap: The Spoils of War

Two days ago, Episode 4 of Season 7 leaked, to a collective groan from die-hard fans of Game of Thrones. It was time to scramble to avoid spoilers from people who had nothing better to do than ruin people’s viewing experiences. Many people hopped off of the internet all together so that they could hold out for two more days until the show aired. Early talk from bootleg watchers revealed that this Episode 4 was great. A ton of new developments were rumored to have passed.

Boy, were they right.

This season has moved at a breakneck pace, but still, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have continued to find new ways to make it run even faster. People originally wondered how the show could end with only one more six-episode season in the works. Now, I see exactly how they could do it thanks to the developments of tonight’s episode. Let’s go ahead and jump into the recap.


A Lannister, Blackwater, and a sea of Gold

After the events of last week’s episode, with Olenna Tyrell taking her final bow, Jaime Lannister and Bronn of Blackwater march their army away from Highgarden. Bronn gives us some of his signature witty dialogue and complains that he isn’t being rewarded enough for his liking. After a nice exchange with Jaime, showing the growth of their friendship, the two continue on down the road to where they came from.

The gold that Jaime’s army took from Highgarden is shown to be going to King’s Landing where the representative of the Iron Bank waits with Queen Cersei. His dismissive tone with the Queen changes immediately once he finds out that the gold that he covets is on the way. As much as I hate to say, it looks like Cersei delivered on her promise. She then talks about crushing her enemies, again. Regular ole’ Cersei.

Bran: “Bye”

Bran’s evolution into the Three-Eyed Raven has had its up and downs, most recently a confusing turn that made Bran go from regular guy to creep in one episode. He nows seems to be omnipotent and lacks any type of emotion. This is made painfully clear when Meera, the girl who’s sacrificed so much to literally carry him to safety, gets dismissed with a “thank you” by Bran. When she cries and asks if thats it, he tells her, in so many words, that he is no longer Bran Stark. He remembers so much more. Interestingly, she tells him that he really died in that cave from last season.

It’s worth nothing that prior to this, Littlefinger finally had a sitdown with Bran. The world’s creepiest man gave Bran the Valeryian steel dagger that was used to try and kill him in season one. When Littlefinger tries to win Bran over with his conversation, Bran coldly reminds him of a phrase he once heard him say. Littlefinger then excuses himself, showing that once again he fails to be the smartest man in the room. It’s been very interesting to watch his long string of failures compared to his can’t-do-no-wrong persona from the first couple of seasons.

A Girl is Arya

The behind the back shot of Arya staring at Winterfell before entering it brought joy rushing to my heart because she actually came there. I believed that she would pull a fast one and head towards Kings Landing to kill Cersei. She’d inevitably fail, even if she is shaping up to become the most badass assassin ever, and that’d be all she wrote.

Now she’s in Winterfell, she had a heart-warming meeting with Sansa, and she also met Bran/Raven. It was a great scene that really showed how far each character has come since season 1. Arya showed her siblings that she could be just as surprising as Bran. After we’re shown Podrick Payne getting his ass kicked by Brienne of Tarth multiple times, Arya steps in and spars with her. They’re shown to be nearly equal, but at times, Arya gets the upper hand.

Dragonstone Business

Is it just me, or is there a romance blossoming between Jon Snow and Daenarys Targaryen? The two seem to exchange longer glances and invade each other’s personal spaces. When Jon took Dany to look at the markings inside the Dragonglass cave, on more than one occasion, I noticed the two getting seriously close to each other. Their intense scene culminated with Dany saying she’d fight for the north — only if Jon bent a knee for Dany. The outcome of the situation is made vague.

When they leave the Dragonglass cave, the duo is informed by Tyrion and Varys that Olenna Tyrell and Highgarden are no more. Dany seeks council from Jon after declaring that she wants to ride her dragon into battle. After he informs her that she shouldn’t, she does so anyway.

Theon Greyjoy returned to Dragonstone where he had an awkward exchange with Jon. It looks like his redemption arc will be coming up soon since there’s nothing less that he can do.

Let it burn!

We cut back to Jaime, Bronn, and their enormous army with about 20 minutes left. As the army lounges and prepares to move, they hear a large fury of footsteps. They prepare for battle as a large group of Dothraki soldiers cross the hill, coming into view. When the clash of swords starts, Jaime and Bronn look up to see the unthinkable: Dany sitting on top of an angry dragon spewing fire all over the ground. The ensuing scene is chaotic; death raining from above while the battlefield is littered with charred corpses. It’s one of the best fighting scenes that the show has had thus far.

Bronn manages to take down the dragon with a well timed bow, thanks to the giant crossbow made by Qyburn showcased a couple of episodes ago. Once the dragon is injured on the ground, Dany tries to pull the giant bow out of it. Jaime takes the opportunity to charge Dany directly, hoping to kill her and get the battle over with. As he comes close to her, she discovers him and so does her dragon. Bronn then tackles him into the water as the dragon lights up the area he was just at. The episode ends as Jaime sinks further and further into the water, no word on whether he’s alive or not.

This week’s episode was intense. Next week’s episode will surely deal with the fallout from this battle. Let’s cross our fingers and pray that Jaime survives!