A$AP Twelvyy Releases the Video for 'Hop Out'

A$AP twelvyy has been working hard on his first album "12" which was released yesterday. Twelvyy's album released kick started Awgest, a title which cover all of A$AP Mob's multiple releases that are set to air out throughout August. 

As well as releasing his album, A$AP Twelvyy also released the video to the song "Hop Out", featuring his fellow member A$AP Ferg. Decked out in 80's clothing, A$AP Twelvyy is accompanied by A$AP Nast driving around a desert in an old school Lamborghini. The pair are known to be very close, and are frequently pictured together on nights out in the US. 

A$AP Twelvyy voices in an interview with XXL Magazine that his debut album took nearly ten years to be released. In the last two years, Twelvyy has been meaning to release "12" but so many things got in the way; the death of A$AP Yams in 2015 made Twelvyy lose confidence, as he describes him as "the main person who wanted him to do music". During his grieving period, Twelvyy felt like he didn't see the point of making music anymore but when the Mob went on tour with Tyler the Creator at the start of 2016. From then onwards, Twelvyy started stepping it up and began focusing on the "12"

With "Hop Out" being the tune A$AP Twelvyy was the most excited about for fans to hear, the head-thumping beat and infectious lyrics have fans wilding about what August is gonna bring for A$AP Mob. 

Watch the video below: