YSL Beauty recently launched its new All Hours Foundation line as part of its beauty collection, however have received a tidal wave of backlash from the beauty community due to their limited shade range, despite claiming to "suit all skin tones" in reference to its @all-hours-shade-finder_ Instagram page.

As a high end brand YSL Beauty is unable to excuse its lack of diversity and shade expansion due to funds and/or consumer range when drugstore brands, such as NYX, Maybelline and even L.A. Girl provide accessibility. The inaccessibility marginalizes women of colour, not only from the beauty industry as a whole, but also as consumers of high end goods through suggestion that as a demographic high end products aren't 'for us'.  When brands like YSL state 'find your shade', it's quite clear that they are referring to white or white-passing beauty industry consumers.

This isn't the first time this year that the beauty industry, in particular, high end brands, simply aren't for people of colour - more specifically black women. Kim Kardashian’s KKW contour kit came under fire this year for a similar reason... lack of catering for POC.

YSL Beauty is yet to comment on the recent backlash, however we can assume that due to the high volume response an acknowledgement of their failure to produce an entire line of foundation will have to be announced.