Gracing the Cover of Galore Magazine, Tinashe Talks About Sexism and Dating

(Via: Galore Magazine)

(Via: Galore Magazine)

Tinashe is definitely on her grind this summer. The 24 year old singer/songwriter confidently strips down into a bikini as she stuns on Galore’s summer’17 edition and keeps it real. She speaks about the difficulties of dating in the public eye, sexism in the music industry, and her personal style.

When asked if she purposely chooses to maintain her social life private, the singer stated:

“Yes, and I also don’t really have much of one. I guess I don’t necessarily try to be part of the Hollywood scene.

You can easily avoid it or easily make yourself part of it, as far as going to the Hollywood hot spots where you know TMZ will be and you know people will photograph you. It’s kind of a decision you make. You can go to different parts of the city and those people aren’t there. As far as my personal and dating life, it’s relatively nonexistent. Half because I really don’t have the time and don’t make it a priority. Whenever I do get involved with someone, I don’t wanna just sabotage it right away [by going public]. Like it’s gotta be a real thing for me if I’m gonna get involved”.

Has she ever experienced sexism in a work environment?

“Absolutely…The most blatant sexism I received was more toward the beginning of my career when people thought of me more as a cute girl who got a deal who didn’t necessarily earn her place here. It was an attitude of, “okay, this girl is hot,” and a lot of people just really objectifying me in studio situations when I’m trying to make a song with a producer or writer”.

With regards to her personal style, Tinashe revealed where it all began.

“It starts with hip hop. Dance is a big influence. If you go to dance classes throughout the city, there’s definitely a look that dancers wear typically. It’s a lot of oversize baggy clothes that almost accentuate our movement.A hoodie and baggy pants… that’s just the swag, the vibe — it puts you in a different mode when you’re dancing. It crosses that line. You can be super feminine but hit all the moves like the boys do, so that’s part of the inspiration. I think another inspiration is just dressing for my particular body type. I just like how low-riding and baggier fit bottoms look on me. And I’m a huge fan of the 90s-style swag and I like to be able to integrate some of that as well”.

What advice would she give to an individual wanting to pull of the throwback Juicy Couture trend?

“First, you just gotta have confidence in it. You can’t be doubting your velour tracksuit swag. Any time you wear anything you wanna feel super comfortable in, own it. That would be the first step.

The second step is to put your own spin on it. The tracksuits are slightly different than they were back in the early 2000s. They don’t have as much of the flare bottoms they did before so it’s maybe just trying to integrate pieces of the tracksuit or knowing how to modernize it”.

If she could change anything, what would it be and why?

“If anything, I could just try to be more patient and, as cliché as it is, just enjoy certain periods of time in my life for what they are. It is really easy to just wanna hurry up and get to the good stuff, in a way. Like I can’t wait to get this album out or this song out, once this happens it’ll be good, and you’re always working toward that next goal and sometimes it’s easy to get caught up”.

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