Insecure Season 2 Episode 6 "Hella Blows" Recap

Issa gets blindsided, Molly deals with confusion, and Lawrence gets babied at work.

With only two episodes left, “Hella Blows” rolls in to shake us up a bit before the business end of the season. The episode opens with Issa rushing to move her car before it gets ticketed. I guess I should say what she has left of a car, she quickly spits out thanks as an on looker reminds her that her bumper is about to fall off. Viewers get their first glimpse of Molly this episode as she is taking calls from Dro and ignoring calls from her mother. Issa who is now having to take the city bus shoots a text to Daniel to come through. Those three dots come up signaling a response, but they quickly disappear to humble Issa.

After getting back in her apartment and ripping out her headphones, which brings the new Miguel track that was sent to the Insecure cast early to a halt, Issa begins looking at e-mails. She comes across a women’s empowerment event, Sexplosion. Her eyes glance over to her apartment bae’s place. It’s time to get this hoe-tation back in rotation, after some pep talk in her bathroom mirror and checking to see if her edges are right she heads down to knock on his door. She pops up on him unannounced as if they were dating and he is busy. Very awkward. “Did I tell you to stop by? My Bad”, apartment bae utters. That line will surely sting Issa for the remainder of the season. To make matters worse she finally hears from Daniel who is too busy at the studio to come through. None of this matters though because when heading back to her apartment she runs into the neighborhood blood who is trying to get to Target for some bleenex and blorox bleach. I screamed a lot this episode, but this was probably the funniest for me.

Lawrence is seemingly killing his pitch at work for a new app idea. His white co-workers offer no feedback though just commenting on his presence and shoe game. Incomes a scene with Molly and Issa who are together at the car shop discussing the Dro situation. It is weird for Molly and she just wants to move forward as homies. At this point, just about everything is going wrong for Issa as usual. The price tag for her car repairs is hella expensive and all of her guys are acting up. But luckily for her, she can still at least order a cheeseburger on Molly. Another one of Lawrence’s co-workers tells him that his pitch was outdated. Basically telling him that they didn’t ask questions which mean they didn’t like it. Lawrence gets a bit defensive here and doesn’t take the advice of his female co-worker who also isn’t white. Lawrence never takes advice from anyone it seems.

Molly finally meets up with Dro at a bar to watch basketball. She complains about how different things are which Dro just laughs off. They end up having sex again so all that talk about moving forward as homies gets thrown out the window. Lawrence again doubles back to his white co-workers to ask for feedback on his pitch. They still have no additional thoughts, once again showering him with compliments on his sneakers and presence. As people of color in the workplace, we have to constantly go above and beyond and work at reinventing ourselves daily. These co-workers don’t want to give Lawrence any positive feedback or build him up because deep down inside they have fears that he will outperform them. He finally ends up going back to his co-worker that he got defensive with when she called out his pitch for being outdated. They both relate on the other co-workers playing nice with them. They trade jokes on each other’s failed pitches. There seems to be a little bit of a flirty vibe there so it will be interesting to see if this transforms into anything as the season wraps up.

Issa and the girls attend the Sexplosion event and things get interesting, to say the least as they discuss black women and oral sex. Kelli pretty much steals the scene with her funny one liners, which I have grown accustomed to this season. We fast forward to Issa listening to the music Daniel has been working on. The two get intimate over drinks and make up for their time apart. After gaining some confidence from the Sexplosion event, Issa goes downtown on Daniel. We shift to Molly who is now getting bathed in hotel rooms by Dro. He, however, has to leave though to go and let his wife in who got locked out of their home. This whole open marriage is starting to seem a little fishy now. Hotels? Wife always out of town? All of this comes to a head next week. I am hoping that Molly who has still been researching ways to close the pay gap will use some time to research the validity of this open marriage. We come back to Issa and Daniel who are still very much in the act. Daniel is visibly pleased here and he waves a white flag before quickly blindsiding Issa in the eye. He finished on poor Issa’s face and she is distraught. But I mean how else did she think oral sex was going to end is my question. After storming out visibly mad and using her hand as an eye patch she hops into an uber. Issa? Issa car pool is all she hears as they ride off into the night.

What more trouble can they all get into is my question every week, and with only two episodes left I am stoked to find out. Next week we should see Issa after licking her wounds, of course, be in the same surrounding as Lawrence, and Molly will hopefully find out the validity of this open marriage. Here’s to hoping that “Hella Blows” will lead us to hella explanations the next two weeks.