Insecure Recap, Season 2, Episode 5: 'Hella Shook'

Issa has a hoe-tation, Molly gives into temptation, and Lawrence is Facebook stalking.

Episode 5, appropriately titled "Hella Shook" definitely lives up to its name as it carries us into the second half of the season. The episode opens with Issa stuck in LA traffic. After putting like $10 in her tank she pulls up to Daniel’s house. I mean they must’ve hit it off getting together at the restaurant in last episode’s close. They lock lips and she enters his home. Is she dreaming? You would think that by now I would be used to Issa wildin’, but no that is legit my question every time something crazy happens in this show. Not only are Daniel and Issa hooking up again but they are watching “Due North” together, and they are making dinner plans with each other. My only question is, who is going to catch feelings first?

Things seem to be on the up and up at work for Molly, seen joking with Lil Rel Howery from “Get Out” over the pay situation. Viewers first catch a glimpse of Lawrence this episode on a run with co-workers. Lawrence actually has co-worker friends. While out and about he finds out that he has jury duty. It’s a good thing he did come and get that mail from Issa.

On this week’s episode, Issa is all about keeping guys in her “hoe-tation”. Not only does she have Daniel and her apartment bae, but she also has a date coming up with a Spanish guy. Her texts with Daniel though are very frequent. “If you like it, I love it,” Molly assures Issa on the situation. Supportive friends are everything, especially right now while Issa is not about the feelings.

Lawrence pretty much spends the whole episode stalking on Facebook. This episode is a very low one for loyal members of the Lawrence hive. While scrolling through he zooms in on one of Kelli’s pictures, which features Issa and Daniel in the background looking real cozy. Literally, nothing good happens when you zoom in on a picture.

Issa’s work friend Frieda is still on her about the racist remarks of the principal for their program, We Got Yall. Issa assures her that black people can’t be racist and that Frieda shouldn’t be using her white privilege to pick and choose when to call out racism. While I agree that it is not up to Frieda to call out racism when she sees fit, I do think that her concerns are valid, and I am hoping that she and Issa can reach a common ground. Not for the sake of Frieda being right, but just because this situation has “snitch on the black coworker and get them fired” written all over it.

Dro pulls up on Molly to not only help her unload her car for her parent’s vow renewal ceremony but to also let her know that he wasn’t that drunk at Kiss n’ Grind. He said what he said basically, but Molly just can’t see herself being involved with a married man, open relationship or not. Meanwhile, Lawrence is at jury duty heavily stalking Daniel’s Facebook. At this point I’m like man please at least have some respect for yourself and move to Instagram. Issa, on the other hand, arrives for her date with the Spanish guy. She ignores Daniel’s texts as she exhibits some wild thoughts on her date. The date goes pretty well. He can’t continue it though because he has an early flight in the morning. Issa does a cringeworthy fake grab at the check, but all is good because her Spanish boo covers it with no questions asked.

The following day Issa hits up Daniel to apologize for missing his text messages last night. No worries on his end, she can make it up to him tonight. Lawrence who is now out at a bar with a friend still sulking over Issa and Daniel gets some real ish spoken to him. This isn’t all on Issa, Lawrence was without a job for two years. His friend doesn’t think it is right what Issa did, but he can see why she would look elsewhere for a dude who is out here getting it. While I think that tough love was needed for Lawrence, I would be side-eyeing that friend for a while, like where was this advice a year ago?

Molly brings her new boo to her parent’s ceremony. She doesn’t even know his occupation but okay I guess he gets to meet the parents. She introduces him to Dro which is awkward, but her brother doesn’t really see him as being long-term. Shit hits the fan when Molly finds out her dad cheated on her mom. She angrily exits their home. Dro follows after her instead of her new boo which was weird. He should have made sure to follow after her, and in not doing so that pretty much signed, sealed, and delivered Molly over to Dro.

Episode 5 shows us that Issa’s “hoe-tation” is indeed in rotation. But she is also getting into car wrecks over nudes. Luckily for her Daniel is an “I’m on my way” type of guy, and he swiftly pulls through to pick her up. Issa makes sure in that moment to be upfront with Daniel and let him know that they are just cool and seeing other people. She always gotta ruin shit, she could have easily just let him be there for her without all the extra. While all this is going on, Lawrence who has been on Facebook the whole episode blocks Issa I’m pretty sure. Horrible idea, because once you block them you want to stalk them even more, or so I’ve heard. And oh yeah remember when I said that Molly was pretty much signed, sealed, and delivered over to Dro? Well yeah, the episode ends with him smashing.

So there you have it, our characters are all dumb and doing some wild shit. But that is why we love them. That is why we love Insecure because we are all out here doing wild shit but still keeping on.