Top 5 Tracks From Insecure Season 2 So Far

We have reached the midway point of Insecure season 2 and we have been blessed with some of the hottest tracks to go with the craziness of the episodes. While we no longer have Solange as a music consultant this season, Raphael Saadiq along with the cast have kept good ears and good taste. There have been 40 songs in total through the first four episodes that have lined the playlists that Issa pushes out weekly on Spotify. I worked hard to quickly get those playlists imported into my own Apple Music library, and have spent an extensive amount of time with each playlist over the last month. So without further ado I bring to you the top five songs from the first half of season two of Insecure:

5. Playboi Carti – “dodatshit!”


From his self-titled debut mixtape, “dodatshit!” is just one of those tracks that you can’t help turning up to. This song slid in on the season opener and if you weren’t already turnt enough for the return of the series this jam definitely helped get you there.

4. Jacquees – “B.E.D.”


While this song dropped last year, the impact of Insecure has given it a new peak into the Billboard Hot 100 at #94. A dope revival of Avant’s “Read Your Mind,” the track is sprayed lightly over Issa’s awkward hook up with pool boy in episode three. The roles are reversed in Issa’s case, but either way this track has been on repeat ever since.

3. Juvenille – “Slow Motion”

slow motion.jpg

The throwback that keeps on giving. “Slow Motion” has been blessing parties since 2003. There are just so many nostalgic vibes that the track can’t help but give off. Molly and her married “friend” Dro found out just how dangerous these vibes were in last week’s episode. As the song closed the two found themselves in an intense grind session. But can you blame them? “Slow Motion” may be the oldie of the group, but don’t get it twisted, it is indeed a forever bop.

2. S.Z.A. – “Love Galore”

sza trav.jpg

Song of the year contender to be honest. Another gem we were blessed with on the season’s opener. Literally every song on CTRL could be used to describe a particular moment on Insecure. I’m surprised they didn’t just use the album as the soundtrack honestly. At this point I almost get disappointed if a S.Z.A. track isn’t included in an episode. So far we are shooting 50% on S.Z.A. songs in season two, so I am at least halfway satisfied. The La Flame assisted track while leaving me with a steady head bob now just reminds me of the whole Lawrence “I got some stuff in the bathroom,” debacle.

1. Teedra Moses – “You Better Tell Her”


A little song from 2004 wraps up my favorites for the first half of the season. While we all might have been a little young at the time to even know what Moses was speaking on, the song matches perfectly with the circumstances of Insecure. Sliding in on episode two of the season as Issa is finally finding out about Tasha? Pure gold. “You better get that b*tch told tonight.” That’s how you feel Issa? I see you. “You Better Tell Her” is also hype because it gives off a girl fight vibe. Pair that with the imaginary scene of Issa knocking Tasha’s lights out at the bank and you have an instant classic.

Honorable Mention: Problem – “Betta Watch Yo Self” & S.Z.A. – “Supermodel”

I mean you are asking me to choose between the song that set the course for the neighborhood bloods cutting up at Issa’s Wine Down or the S.Z.A. track that was sent to the cast and crew well before CTRL. I hope you enjoyed my breakdown of the music on Insecure Season Two So Far.

Did your favorites not make my top five? Be sure to drop your favorites from this season below in the comments.

You can listen to all the music so far via the Spotify links below.

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