Insecure Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: "Hella LA"

Issa is as awkward as ever, Molly learns about open marriages, and Lawrence is wildin’.

“Hella LA” opens with Issa along with Kelli and Molly getting ready for “Kiss N Grind”. A real LA day party where things got interesting. In what could possibly be my favorite episode of the series, everyone was on point with the one-liners. A couple of my favorites from last night was Molly’s “B*tch you about 40% too pressed,” and Issa’s “Fashion Nova Ass B*tch”.

Lawrence who we last saw getting cussed out by Tasha is ready to get reckless tonight as he makes plans with his boy Chad. While in route to the store to pick up some supplies he gets pulled over by a cop after pulling an illegal U-turn. He wasn’t the first car to make the turn though. Cops always want to ignore everyone else who messed up before you. He instantly switches channels and turns the radio down. Very necessary code-switching here. Lawrence is questioned hard by the cop and even yelled at to keep his hands where he can see them when the cop has approached the rear of his vehicle. Luckily, Lawrence is let off with a warning, after of course the white police officer makes a joke about sports. Why is it that they always have time to joke about sports, but are never serious about our issues?

Meanwhile at the day party Issa has spotted her itch from last season, Daniel. After a slight pep talk with Molly she musters up the courage to go and speak to him. It is awkward; I mean they don’t have anything to talk about whatsoever. Daniel assures Issa that the situation was months ago and that he is over it. Issa happily obliges that she is doing her thing, she is living single. “Have fun,” Daniel exits the conversation.

Molly is having a fun time at the Kiss N Grind with her old friend Dro. He is even scouting for her at the event for potential suitors. They are of course reminiscing over their old high school dancing days which leads to some grinding between the two on the dance floor. Dro is married though and Molly knows this, upon bringing it up she finds out that Dro and his boo (Janay from “The Game”) are in an open marriage. Molly is flabbergasted, she thought only white people did stuff like that. For the rest of the episode we see Molly battling back and forth between being cool with it or not. All this will come to a head next episode when homie pulls up on her.

Lawrence after escaping his police interference alive cannot seem to find his card while at the grocery store. Two white girls in line behind him cover his tab. They then of course want to know where he is headed with the alcohol. He ends up blowing off Chad to go and hang out with these Taylor Swift broads. I mean he does after all look like Craig…presumably some other black guy that they know. They seduce his ass to The Weeknd and one of the girls even grabs his phone to send a pic to Chad. Chad is floored with excitement, even sending Lawrence a GIF reaction in their message thread.  

Issa who is just losing at the Kiss N Grind left and right meets up with a dude she matched with on Tinder. He is quickly turned off because her hair is not what it was like in her pictures. He seemed weird to me so I would say it is a win for Issa. She once again locks eyes with her former boo Daniel as she gets played.

Once again we flash to Lawrence who is in mid three some with these broads. Once the deed is done one of the girls is a bit upset because there isn’t any more Lawrence to go around for her. Lawrence isn’t like LaMarcus at all and the girls get up to casually talk about food and partake in cocaine as if Lawrence isn’t even lying there. Lawrence calls Chad to fill him in the festivities. Chad is over the top as usual and is getting some wild facial expressions from the bathroom attendant as he is on the phone with Lawrence. All the while this conversation is taking place, Lawrence is sitting outside he and Issa’s former apartment.

The night ends at a food spot which is packed with people, Kelli’s boo from the day party has saved the girls a seat. Everything about the end of the night is weird especially with this company Kelli has linked them all up with. It gets weirder when Issa looks up to see that Daniel is there as well. Molly is ducking texts from Dro and this is where things hit the fan. Kelli is getting pleasured under the table. With those same hands that her man just ate with. I am yell laughing at this point, but what sends me into hysteria is the text Daniel sends Issa: “Yo is your girl getting fingered under the table right now?” The episode ends with Issa going over to sit and eat with Daniel, they being all amicable and shit. With what may be the midway point of the season “Hella LA” did a wonderful job with expanding on the core characters’ problems this season. Everybody ain’t shit, but we can relate and viewers will have a lot to look forward to as this season progresses.