Game of Thrones, Season 7 Episode 5: Eastwatch

Fresh off of last week’s action packed episode, this week’s happenings in Westeros moved at a slower, more calculated pace. Last nights episode served as the setup for next week’s episode, which according to the preview at the end, proves that WINTER IS HERE. Let’s dive into the sights and sounds of “Eastwatch.”

Jaime Resurfaces

After Jaime’s maniacal charge at the Mother of Dragons at the end of the last episode, if you thought that he would have died as a result you wouldn’t have been alone. The showrunners wasted no time showing that he is indeed alive and healthy, along with Bronn who dived in to save his friend. Well, not exactly his friend, but someone who owes him money as he so eloquently puts it. As the two sit on the ground after narrowly escaping death by drowning, Jaime comes to the realization that Daenerys will win this war with her overpowered dragons.

Burned Tarly anyone?

The camera follows Tyrion as he surveys the aftermath of Dany’s attack on the Lannister and Tarly army. The charred bodies and heaps of ash disturb him deeply. When Dany rounds up the enemy survivors and gives them the choice to either bend the knee or die, Tyrion looks at her with apprehension - he’s reminded of her father, the Mad King.

Mostly all of the soldiers agree to bow down to the HBIC but of course, the most prominently billed two have to say no; Randyll and Dickon Tarly. Daenerys gives them a chance to reconsider, but they remain stuck in their ways; they’d rather die than serve Dany. Tyrion attempts to talk her out of it. No luck. And then….

“Fried Tarly on a stick for $1.99! Step up for your fried Tarly!”


I wonder what Dragon feels like….


Dany returns from battle and lands her dragon, Drogon, in front of Jon Snow. Even as it snarls in his face, looking as if it wants to eat him for dessert, Jon reaches towards it slowly to cop a feel. He takes off his glove and lands his hand on the dragon, all the while, Dany looks on startled that her dragon let him touch it.

Afterwards, they engage in a brief conversation before the arrival of a surprise guest: Ser Jorah Mormont. He’s recovered from his greyscale affliction and he immediately wants to return to serving Dany. Will we see romance between the fallen night and rightful Queen of Westeros?

Bran’s got little birdies too

In a brief scene that plays a central part in this week’s episode, Bran wargs into a raven that sees the Night King marching towards the wall. He immediately wakes up and informs someone close by to get ready to send ravens out to alert the important people.

Sam speaks up

The first raven goes to The Citadel maesters who are engaged in conversation about it while Samwell Tarly brings books into the room. As they make jokes of the situation, Sam steps in and lets them know the severity of the situation. While his concern is initially dismissed, one of the maesters agrees to send a raven to Winterfell to clarify the situation. Sam still isn’t satisfied  because they don’t see the importance in finding the solution for the White Walker problem. When he leaves the room, the maesters talk about how they haven’t told him that his father and brother just died at the hands of Dany.

Let’s Take A Trip To Eastwatch

Bran’s raven takes Jon Snow by surprise - he thought his brother was dead. With the help of the rest of Dany’s council, Jon Snow and company come up with a plan - they’ll get Tyrion to King’s Landing so that they can convince Jaime to convince Cersei that they should combine forces with Dany to stop the White Walkers. To prove their existence, Jon Snow and company will travel to Eastwatch to capture one and bring it back so that everyone can see it.

Arya vs Sansa

Sansa has been growing into her temporary role as Lady of Winterfell. Arya walks in on her listening to the problems that some of the inhabitants have with Jon Snow leaving for Dragonstone. When Sansa notices Arya, she acts as if she isn’t paying attention to what they are saying. Arya calls her out on this, and the two argue briefly. Arya notices that Sansa is subconsciously wishing that Jon doesn’t come back so she can maintain rule. Sansa simply says “I’ve got work to do” and walks away coldly.

Gendry and Jaime

Tyrion and Ser Davos arrive in King’s Landing for Tyrion’s rendezvous with Jaime. The two Lannisters exchange a tense conversation that culminates in Jaime relaying the message to Cersei: let’s combine forces with Dany to take care of the army of the dead. The queen reveals that she knew of the meeting and of the message.Cersei dismisses him but also lets him know that she’s pregnant again. I have to admit, I did not see that coming.

Ser Davos goes into the city and finds Gendry, the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon, who’s eager to join a purpose. After a brief skirmish with a couple of guards, Gendry, Davos, and Tyrion all leave and head back to Dragonstone.

Sam Bosses Up

Sam gets tired of the same thing every day in and out. He realizes that he’s just doing busy work at the citadel so he steals a bunch of old scrolls and heads out on horseback with Gilly and their son. Will he head back to Dragonstone now that he’s free of all his obligations.

The Journey to Eastwatch

After a brief preparation scene for Jon and his team, the crew sets off for The Wall to enlist the help of Tormund. Once they get there, they find some more familiar faces - The Hound, Thoro, and Beric Dondarrion, who are all eager to help out. The large group of Game of Thrones Hall of Fame characters end the episode by beginning on a trek towards Eastwatch now that they are out of the wall.

Next week looks like it largely revolves around the Eastwatch confrontation with White Walkers.

Make sure your popcorn is all ready prepared!