Jay Z's 4:44 Gets Chopped Not Slopped

When Jay-Z released 4:44 on June 30, the album received critical acclaim from numerous publications. NoID's production -- slow, melodic, and full of samples -- complimented HOV's voice as he confessed to infidelities, empowered black entrepreneurs, and revealed his mother's sexual orientation. It looks like the album is going to get a lot slower with the release of the chopped and screwed version, 4:44 Chopped Not Slopped.

The slowed down rendition was remixed by Houston's own Ron C, the legendary DJ that's currently signed to OVO Sound. Some of Jay Z's greatest hits are sampled throughout the album including "Dirt Off Ya Shoulders" and "Feelin It".

Ron C decided to change the official cover art for the album as well. Instead of the tan backdrop and "4:44" covering the bottom half of the cover, the new cover features a black background with HOV wearing shades. "4:44" covers the bottom half of the cover but instead of being in black lettering, the title is displayed in light purple.

Ron C founded The Chopstars, a group of DJs that performs chopped and screwed versions of current hits. He has made over 4,200 mixtapes to go along with 22,000,000 being sold.

The album is available for streaming on TIDAL.