Insecure Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: "Hella Questions"

Issa is losing at everything, Molly is being devalued at work, and Lawrence is playing both sides of the fence.

Season two's episode of Insecure, "Hella Questions" lives up to its name as the plot not only thickens but the main character's actions get so out of pocket that viewers will have a list of questions that need answers by the episode's end. The episode opens with BFF's Molly & Issa discussing the Lawrence quickie over Oreos. Confusion is the only word that can sum up Issa's feelings after the deed. The same can be said for Lawrence as well, even starting up a text message to Issa only to end up deleting it. 

Molly opens up to her therapist about the higher paycheck for her white male co-worker that she discovered in the last episode. She takes some positive strides in "Hella Questions" to get some answers. One of those being her attendance at a hockey game. Being black in a predominately white work force, there will be many festivities that we just don't find fun. However often times at things like this words are shared over a beer that can lead to opportunities. So Molly shows up, she mingles, and she even jokes with one of the executives over lobster rolls. All for him to not even get her joke that she makes in the break room the next day. Later in the episode, Molly has a Skype call with a former female co-worker. She gets an opportunity to pick up some more work if she can split her time between LA and Chicago. We haven't seen too much of Molly's life yet so I'm hoping this will lead to some kind of spark for her. I'm just hoping the splitting of time doesn't leave Issa in shambles when she is unsupervised. 

Instagram stalking something that we all may be guilty of doing one time or another is the central theme of the episode. Issa and her girls go to a museum where it is dropped that she and Lawrence had a talk. That isn't the only bomb dropped of course as it is brought to Issa's attention that Lawrence has been messing around with Tasha. Sometimes all you need is a name and boom Molly has Tasha's Instagram pulled up. Issa, however, doesn't want to be petty, in that moment she has her big girl panties on. This conversation transitions into an infamous Issa rap scene in the bathroom. "Call me Lifetime cause I'm bringing the drama". Molly interrupts possibly my favorite Issa rap to date to ask her if she is okay. Issa who has now fully accepted the Instagram stalker life utters, "Pull that b*tch up".

Issa gets all dolled up to go and talk to Lawrence in person. She gets to Chad's house only to find out that he isn't there. Issa doesn't know it, but Lawrence is at Tasha's house watching the show within a show "Due North". At this point, I had questions over the seriousness of Tasha and Lawrence's relationship. Was she now becoming the 9 to 5 and the weekend? Watching shows with your significant other is a huge deal, one often getting annihilated if they even thought about watching the newest episode of their show without the other. My question is answered here when Lawrence just straight up tells Tasha that he slept with Issa. While I didn't know that 17 strokes on a couch equated to sleeping together he spat it out anyway. And he spat it out as Tasha was inviting him to a family cookout. It just happened. It wasn't planned. He is sorry. Tasha kicks him out anyway though.

Along with her co-worker Frieda, Issa goes to the vice principal for help with student attendance to her "We Got Y'all" program. He mixes in a joke about building the wall. One that doesn't sit well with Frieda. When she makes a remark on the joke Issa had already forgotten it. Frieda, however, didn't, I mean she has watched the 13th and even tweeted Ava DuVernay about it. While walking down the hallway the vice principal makes another remark to a Spanish student that Frieda once again chimes in on. She presses Issa again on including his remarks in the notes, which Issa thinks will negatively impact the positive improvements they have made for her program. Frieda, in fake woke fashion, asks her if it would be okay if the vice principal was white.

Issa alone in her bathroom with her Frank Ocean cased cell phone finally pulls up Tasha's Instagram on her own accord. Her solo stalking starts here and continues throughout the episode. Later on, she finds out that Tasha works at the bank. Upon pulling up to the bank she realizes that it is within walking distance of Lawrence's former employer, Best Buy. She goes inside and knocks Tasha's head off to remind her that the boy is hers. Well, actually she didn't. It was a dream, but after her hookup with Lawrence being real, everything is possible and I actually thought she did it. While Issa is sitting in her car she has set up Molly to do some plotting and scheming with her. By having Molly in the vicinity of Lawrence's new work place the two are able to have a quick chat. She lets him know that Issa cheated but she isn't a cheater. A phrase that would have probably got Lawrence slapped if the shoe was on the other foot. While this is transpiring Issa has to do a not so smooth recline in her car to avoid being seen by Tasha. After a call from Molly, she is given the news that Lawrence does not want to take her back. I mean he is although reluctantly looking for new places to live. 

Lawrence arrives at Tasha's to apologize. Things are over with he and Issa he exclaims. Tasha doesn't really want to hear it. She knew what this was. In other words, she knew she was the weekend. She could not speak for long though, there was food on the stove. As Lawrence is walking away she speaks the words "You Hungry?", a Black Woman proverb. Yes, he is and we are left seeing him entering Tasha's place.

The last scene of "Hella Questions" shows us a seemingly depressed Issa who is ultimately dealing with the news she received from Molly earlier. Lawrence doesn't want to get back together. Amidst loathing, in her room after cleaning her closet she finally settles into what seems like acceptance. She doesn't want to move on but she isn't going to sit here waiting on Lawrence. Issa grabs her phone and hops on tinder for a hookup. Her hoe phase is here, and there is nothing viewers can do but continue to hold on to the edge of their seats every Sunday night.