Men, Can We Stop Perpetuating Violence Towards Trans Women? It's as Bad as Actually Killing Them

A couple of days ago, comedian Lil Duval came on the syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club to “roast” a group of women who will be appearing on an upcoming show titled The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte. Before they got into that, however, they discussed Trump’s proposal to  ban trans people from the military. Breakfast Club host, DJ Envy brought up a line questioning asking what would Duval do if he ended up unknowingly having sex with a trans woman. Duval quickly responded by saying, “this may sound messed up and I don’t care. She’s dying.” He claimed that him not being informed of the woman’s transition is a form of manipulation. Those frightening words of his went viral on Twitter this morning.

In the LGBT community, trans people have had the most difficult life, specifically BLACK trans woman. As of July 22nd, approximately 15 murders of black trans women have been reported in 2017. It could very well be more than that, especially when we include those murders that have not been reported to the authorities. What Duval showed was an abundance of ignorance and a lack of competence. Men who have attained type of mindset only derail the progression of the black community. Many men hide in a fake, thin veil of political correctness like Charlamagne Tha God, who laughs when Duval calls trans women “trannies.” Whatever men think is right or wrong, we should not perpetuate senseless acts of aggression towards these beautiful women who just want to live their lives and be themselves.

Trans women are strong, but their image remains vulnerable because of the senseless people that speak. The entire Breakfast Club staff should be disappointed in themselves and delete the video. Maybe they will actually learn something about being for the people, not against them. Men should try to stop being trash by not just their actions, but their words.

Watch the full episode here: