Youtube Star Dainastaken Releases Her Debut Single "Baeless"

The popular blogger, Youtuber and now Singer songwriter,  Daina, has released her new single "Baeless". Daina, also known as "Tootsie Time, has over 480,000 subscribers on her YouTube platform as a beauty, fashion and lifestyle guru. After just a few weeks, the single featuring "August Twelfth" has already reached over 130,000 streams on Spotify and Youtube. Only two days ago, the artist announced on her Instagram, she'll be releasing another single on "1.7.17".

The singles have a neo-soul, RnB feel to them, and have come just in time for summer.

And it wont take long until we here Daina on Radio 1Xtra!!

AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD NOW ON https://www.dainá.com
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Written - August Twelfth, Dainá
Mixed/Arranged - August Twelfth
Composed - Mantra
Filmed - Martika LA
Edited - Dainá

Social Media
Instagram - DainasTaken
Twitter - DainasTaken
Snapchat - TootsieJackson

August Twelfth


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