Recap Of "Power" Season 3

*Cue the lights*

They say this is a big, rich town
I just come from the poorest part
Bright lights, city life, I gotta make it...

After a long and agonizing 9 months of waiting, the loved show ‘Power’ will restart on June 25th 2017 with season 4. I’m sure that after so long most of us are a little rusty with what has gone down in the season 3 finale so allow me to refresh your memory.

We all remember Greg. This guy was so desperate to find out who helped Lobos that he didn’t realize the culprit was right under his nose. Well he did but it was not long before Mike Sandoval, the guy who pretended to be on the good side when really he was helping Lobos, figured out that Greg knew it was him. So what did he do? He shot and killed Greg. RIP. Inconveniently, Ghost had broken into Greg’s apartment earlier and left his fingerprints at the current murder crime scene. Even though he wasn’t guilty, Angela suspected it was him and dusted the place for evidence. How unlucky is Ghost?

Remember Milan, the cannibalistic Serbian drug Lord who was to be feared? His reign of terror didn’t last very long on the show. He thought that Tommy was planning to kill Ghost however Tommy blindsided him and sided with Ghost. They ended up cornering him in a secret location and shooting him dead. RIP. Tommy low-key wants to continue selling drugs in Ghost’s nightclub and is keeping it away from Ghost’s knowledge. That can only turn out well.

After a successful night of killing the enemy, Ghost is feeling pretty good about himself until his salty ex Angela comes through with a warrant for his arrest because the fingerprints she found at the crime scene matched his. The look of shock and pain in Ghost’s eyes as he looked into hers whilst getting arrested was priceless. How the mighty power couple have fallen. Is she not the same girl he was willing to leave his wife for and elope with? Ghost should have really stuck with the true ride or die, Tasha.

Just when things can’t get any worse, Kanan has been grafting to gain the trust of Ghost’s son Tariq by targeting the anger he has towards his dad. When at his house, he drugged Tariq and sent a photo to Tasha. He’s holding her son hostage and who knows what kind of blackmail he has cooked up for the guaranteed safety of Tariq.

In one breath: Greg and Milan are dead, Ghost has been arrested under Angela’s authority and Tariq is held hostage by Kanan. Let the drama of season 4 unfold.