Jim Jones And Jay Z Turn Over A New Leaf

It looks like the feud between Jim Jones and Jay Z that spanned over thirteen years has finally come to an end. Having previously revealed that he (Jones) had signed a management deal with Roc Nation in February, Jones took to Instagram on Tuesday, June 6 and posted a picture with Jay Z.

Their warring history can be traced back to the golden days of Rocafella and Dipset. After Camron decided to nix a remix of his single "Oh Boy" with a guest verse from Jay Z, bad blood began to brew between the two camps.

In 2006, Camron went public with the feud, throwing shots in a statement released to press. Following the release of "We Fly High" by Jim Jones, Jay Z would flip it into "Brooklyn High" and throw subliminal shots at both Jones and Camron. Jones would respond on the "We Fly High (Beefmix) with “I told your old ass to chill, better slow down before your old ass gets killed.”

Now that their beef has been resolved, Jones can get back to doing what he does best with the help of Jay Z.