Beauty And The Beast: Jackie Aina vs Jeffree Star's Racist Past

The infamous Jeffree Star has found his way back to the limelight again due to his racist, sexist and overall problematic past.

There has been a number of occasions where the 31-year-old makeup artist has been called out for his outrageous and unacceptable behaviour. Famous tattoo artist and makeup mogul Kat Von D is amongst the long list of individuals who have decided to condemn and disassociate themselves from Jeffree Star and his brand.

The recent drama began to unfold on April 28th 2017 when the YouTube sensation Jackie Aina, 29, posted an ‘anti-haul’ video. In the video she explained how she doesn’t use any of his products:

“This actually started about a year and a half ago where I had snapped about seeing Jeffree Star cosmetics. I got tons of feedback from you guys basically concerned and saying to read into some of Jeffree’s past.”

She then continued to say “I’m not trying to make this open season on anybody, I just have a deep issue with the anti-black comments and things that have been made publicly, and in addition to that have not been addressed. While I do believe people can change, but to a certain extent”.

The main issue at hand appears to be a video that was reportedly published 10 years ago, it is a skit in which Jeffree makes a joke about throwing battery acid in a black woman’s face to make her skin lighter, he is also quoted to say ‘that black b***h’ a number of times in the video.

On June 16th 2017 the drama between Jackie and Jeffree erupted into a full blown twitter beef. Jackie discovered that she had been blocked from Jeffree Star’s Instagram, in response to this he called her an ‘irrelevant rat’.

Jackie Aina continued to hold her corner on Twitter by stating:

Jackie Aina continued to hold her corner on Twitter by stating:

Jackie Aina continued to hold her corner on Twitter by stating:


After the uproar Jeffree posted a video titled ‘RACISM.’ on his YouTube channel. He addressed some of his previous hateful words and actions. The video was uploaded on June 20th 2017, he began by asking the audience to “listen to my story with an open mind”. It was continued with him opening up on his chaotic childhood – stating how it was filled with abuse and alcoholism.

Jeffree then went on to say “I am weak, I am selfish, I have anger problems sometimes, I lash out when people lash out at me. Still to this day when someone wants to try me, or start something, I'm the first person that's like 'what b***h you wanna try me let's go'. I've called people stupid, I've called people rats, I've called people annoying, I've called people every name in the book when they've attacked me back because it's hard not to react sometimes”

He states that he does not recognise himself in the racist videos and that he has changed:

“I apologise deep down to the core of my f*****g being”.

There was a mixed response to his video, while a number of people felt it was enough, there were many who believe the damage had already been done. The majority of the public remained heated claiming that he was playing the victim and not correctly addressing the issue at hand.


The lesson that consumers can learn from this is to research the individual they are giving their money to. Sad truths will be bought to light as the public discover who is simply using their black audience for support, ideas and ultimately a way to gain wealth.

While the Jeffree Star cosmetics are of an amazing quality, the language used to bash black women and anyone who isn’t a fan is disheartening to say the least. Jackie Aina appears to stand firmly against his brand, and she is not alone.