Balenciaga Releases An Extremely Affordable Bag Costing Only $1,100

In an effort to make its products more affordable for consumers, Balenciaga has released a shopping bag that only costs $1,100. By saving a couple of paychecks, you'll be able to buy a shopping bag and then save up a couple more paychecks to actually buy things that go inside of it. 

Baleciaga has done an incredible job in providing measurable value for the low price point. The handles of the bag are made of black nappa leather while the body of the bag is made of off white calfskin. To top it off, even though it is priced low enough to afford by saving for a few weeks, it still looks like a regular bag. 

Sadly, the bag is currently sold out. A number of customers were smart enough to hop on this deal before other people realized the value they were missing up on. There is a waitlist to join to be notified when the bag is available.

Until then, it looks like interested consumers will have to use regular plastic bags that carry the same amount of items.