Insecure Season 2 Premiere Recap: "Hella Great"

It’s been hella long since we last saw Issa and Lawrence, but Insecure’s season two opener, “Hella Great” picks up right where we left off. Imagine what you would be doing after ending a relationship. Everyone is trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together. Some found themselves doing what they never thought they would have to do.

The episode opens with Issa daydreaming that she is at a table with Lawrence talking over the issues that led to their breakup last season. When reality sets in viewers have a front row seat to Issa’s dating scene. That’s right, Issa is dating (and she’s on Bumble). Issa isn’t just dating one guy, she is seeing them all. Issa is lost in her thoughts a lot on these dates, mainly because she never really saw herself going on them. In awkward girl fashion, she even accidentally spills drinks into the lap of one of her suitors who catches her off guard.

When viewers last saw Molly she wasn’t doing so hot when it came to her mental health. Season two finds her taking the advice of her friends and actually seeing a therapist. A black therapist at that which made me so happy. While this is Molly’s second therapist, she still isn’t opening up very much. This is a big step for Molly though, to actively seek help, something that us black folk don’t do often. It will be exciting for viewers moving forward to see how Molly transforms with the help of therapy. I for one am hoping for some amazing and in depth character growth.

For those of you in proud formation for #LawrenceHive, viewers will be proud to see that things are still business as usual with Lawrence and Tasha…although in different positions. Lawrence is still very much so devastated that Issa cheated on him last season. He is doing what you would expect any male in this predicament to be doing. Cooling it at his homie’s, taking on his own form of dating with "bank teller bae" Tasha, and slowly but surely figuring out his living situation. Lawrence is also avoiding Issa like the plague, refusing to even show up to the apartment they used to share to get his mail.

The center point of the episode sees Molly come across an extremely high pay check of a white male coworker. It is obviously more than what she is making and this situation stirs conversation throughout the episode. The pay gap is very real and viewers can only hope that Molly uses this information to get more cake moving forward.

Though things are different a lot on Insecure is still the same. One thing is the music. The music director, Raphael Saadiq is not missing any cues and you can go over to Spotify for the official score of the first episode. I also put together a playlist for those of us on Apple Music.

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Lawrence ends up getting a jury summons at the apartment which sets us up for the peak of the episode, the meetup. Of course, Issa shoots him a text to come and get his mail, for which Lawrence agrees. Issa’s mirror scenes are back for season two and she for one cannot wait to serve Lawrence up some “jury booty” with his mail.

Following up on advice Issa received from Molly at the beginning of the episode, she throws a “Wine Down” at her apartment to make things seem as if she is doing great post breakup. Should Lawrence come and retrieve his mail, he will see Issa mingling with friends and drinking cheap wine. Little does she know Lawrence is doing date shit too with Tasha. Hope is almost out the window when he sends her a text that he isn’t going to make it. Lawrence in nonchalant fashion even asks her to mail him his mail. All the while Issa’s party is in full swing. My favorite moment of the episode takes place here when the neighborhood Bloods actually crash Issa’s Wine Down. They didn’t just hijack the music, but one pursued in the Blood Bounce that contributed to me yell laughing. Things were so lit at Issa’s Wine Down that a small fire took place in her kitchen. With no sight of Lawrence, it was time for Issa to extinguish the fire and her Wine Down.

Here we are, at the ultimate moment of the episode. Lawrence finally slides through when Issa is no longer prepared to see him. You can feel the anxiety and Issa’s anxious feelings. A few knocks at the door before Issa finally gets the courage to open up. It’s swift. The mail exchange takes place in a matter of moments. Sure it’s over, he will be on his way now, nothing else to see here. But no, Lawrence motions that he has some belongings in the bathroom. He walks in to get them as Issa takes a seat on the couch. This is all normal, I mean they did occupy this apartment together. On Lawrence’s return to the living room, he comments on a missing pillow from their couch. Of course, Issa has spilled something on it like she always was in the living room on season one. THIS IS WHERE THINGS HIT THE FAN. They have sex right there on the couch. It isn’t Issa just dreaming. Shit really goes DOWN! And when the deed is done, “I gotta go” is all Lawrence utters as he pecks Issa on the cheek and makes his way into the night.

#InsecureHBO was the number one trending topic on Twitter as fans everywhere took to the site to voice their hysteria. Sure Lawrence hit it and left, but he is indeed still here. Fans with the hopes of an Issa and Lawrence reunion may have come out of the episode scoring a point, but there is still no telling where the season will take us. If the rest of the episodes of season two are just as good as “Hella Great”, Insecure fans are in for a rollercoaster ride for many Sundays to come.